SOTIRA: Karousos saw motorcyclists - Helmet subsidy and road network among the suggestions

In order to improve road safety and minimize the loss of people on the asphalt from collisions involving motorcycles.

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The Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, Giannis Karousos, assured that his Ministry will implement several of the important proposals submitted by the organized ensembles of motorcyclists and motorcycle friends, in order to improve road safety and to minimize the loss of people in the area. in which motorcycles are involved.

Mr. Karousos had a meeting on Friday with the Famagusta Motorcycle Friends Club and other organized groups of motorcyclists at Sotiras City Hall.

Informing about the subject of the meeting, the Minister of Transport said that after the latest tragic results of road collisions with motorcycles, he took the initiative to meet all organized groups of motorcyclists and friends of motorcycles, in order to promote measures to strengthen road safety and suggestions of the organized groups concerned.

Topics on the table include subsidizing motorcyclists to buy protective equipment, such as a helmet, he said, adding that his ministry's aim is to help those directly identify the black spots on the road network, which contribute to accidents.

He further stated that a person will be appointed to the Road Safety Council and the Ministry of Transport with whom the organized motorcycle ensembles will have direct communication for suggestions, problems and findings they have.

The Minister of Transport also said that his intentions are to plan and take joint actions on road safety issues.

"Motorcyclists know better than anyone the measures that need to be taken and the actions that need to be taken to improve the level of road safety for motorcyclists and passengers," he said.

Source: KYPE