Testimony of Kyriakos' parents: "He was saying sorry dad for bothering you" (VIDEO)

The last moments of the 11-year-old boy were shocking as described by his parents - "We made jokes.. whenever he wore the rosary he turned the cross to face upwards..." - See the entire shocking interview of the parents of the little Kyriakos with Marios Haperis

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He used to say to me, Papa, I'm sorry... and I would answer Kyriakos, don't apologize... I couldn't stand sorry, it was breaking my bones. I couldn't stand a child who was not at fault apologizing to me. It was beyond my strength." These are the words of the father of Sunday Spaw who lost the battle in December 2022.

Kyriakos Spau was diagnosed in December 2020, at the age of just nine, with a very aggressive brain tumor. After a great Golgotha ​​that he was called to climb at such a tender age, both he and his family, managed within a year to come out victorious, ringing the bell of the Pediatric Oncology, to mark the end of his ordeal. A few months later, however, he was called to fight again.

"He used to say sorry papa for bothering you, sorry for depriving you of your home... from your home not from our home. Sunday did not belong to us. Kyriakos belonged elsewhere.. he was saying sorry for depriving you of your baby. His weakness was his little sister," said his father. Together with his mother, they opened their hearts to Marios Haperis and recounted the moments their son offered them and the life lessons they will carry with them forever.

"We were in rooms where there were two children. I was sitting next to him and in the other bed was another little boy from Germany. Due to the treatment he was receiving, this child had canker sores everywhere, as a result of which he could neither drink nor eat anything. Kyriakos was in worse shape than this kid. He did 24-hour chemotherapy, non-stop for 5 consecutive days. He got up and said to me, "mom, please go and take care of the other child because he doesn't have a mom and his only comes in 1 hour?". His mother said that she thought about what to say to him at that moment.. “should I tell him that you are in a worse state? I just smiled at him and gave him a tight hug and went to the other kid. The two had a strong friendship afterwards."

Kyriakou's mother was asked to answer if she ever wondered "why her own child... why didn't he get well". His father said that his first mission was a complete success, because as a sinner he was entitled to a child in the Kingdom of Heaven. His mother, bursting into tears, said that she had messed with God. "I had a small complaint..just after talking to a spiritual I understood that the miracle is not only to get well in this life but to win the Kingdom of heaven..that's what our Kyriakos did."

His last moments

Shocking were the last moments of the 11-year-old boy as described by his parents. “We joked.. whenever he wore the rosary he would turn the cross face up. Until the last moment he had the strength and the spirit to create something. Not miserable at all.. he wanted to enjoy his last minute with lots of love.

Before he fell asleep the room was full of panic. We didn't know what was going on. The wind whistled in the room, the rooms rattled strangely. We thought it was the bad weather. Other times when there was bad weather this did not happen.. now we understand. Two nurses came who were exclusively for Kyriakos.

They kept coming and going because they knew he would be gone in no time. Did they tell us what's going on in this room? They felt that something is happening here.. that someone is here. We thought it was from the bad weather but it wasn't from the bad weather. I begged Commander-in-Chief Michael when he comes to pick him up, to see him. As soon as she took him.. everything stopped, absolute silence and stars in the sky. The wind stopped. Nothing is accidental... he opened his mouth a little, crossed his little hands on his chest, held his rosary... and on his chest he had the image of Panormites. He opened his mouth and his soul hissed out of his body without flinching, you could feel it hurt. He had the most beautiful sleep.."

Below is the entire interview of the parents of little Kyriakos with Marios Haperis.

Source: Sigmalive