OKYPY requested the appointment of a 2nd Reference Hospital from the Ministry of Health

What did OKYPY ask to happen in case the number of patients in need of treatment increases

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The Organization of State Health Services (OKYPY) has asked the Minister of Health Konstantinos Ioannou to designate a second Referral hospital, besides Famagusta, in case the coronavirus cases are increased and another place is needed for hospitalization of patients, said the KYPE Organization, Charalambos Charilaou.

"We have asked the Minister of Health and we are waiting for information on the designation of a second reference hospital in case the Famagusta General Hospital is filled, so that the positive ones (cases that require hospitalization) can be transferred to a second hospital," he said.

Asked if it has been investigated which may be the second hospital for coronavirus cases, Mr. Charilaou said that "we do not have such information, but we have asked to be determined in case of increased needs."

He noted that for the time being, Famagusta will be the Reference Hospital. "The rest of the hospitals will manage suspicious cases and Nicosia will provide the intensive care beds in case of need. "Also, after our performances, a decree has been issued in the private sector to have a ward for suspicious incidents, ie to manage their own suspicious incidents until the result of the laboratory test for coronavirus", he added.

Hospitals are ready in case of increased coronavirus cases

Mr. Charilaou said that the hospitals at this stage are ready both in terms of infrastructure, staffing and adequacy of consumables to deal with any situation that arises in case of increased number of cases.

"A revised plan has been made, which was presented to the Minister, who expressed his satisfaction. "This plan was made by the hospitals themselves, where the experience of the previous months was used so that any gaps and weaknesses that existed, could be filled", he noted.

He said the plan is currently being implemented. "We believe that yes, our hospitals are ready to deal with increased cases of coronavirus," he added.

Asked what the revised plan provides, he said it takes into account the infrastructure of each hospital, the available staff it has, as well as the medical specialties it has.

Regarding the adequacy of consumables, Mr. Charilaou stated that there are several stocks of personal protective equipment that are already used by the staff.

Source: KYPE