KOA - Famagusta Anorthosis Association: Discussed the housing of football academies

akadimies 2005 Ayia Napa Academies of Anorthosis, CMO

The issue of housing the football academies of Anorthosis was discussed by the President of the Cyprus Sports Organization Andreas Michailidis and a delegation of the Anorthosis Famagusta Association, in their meeting yesterday, at the offices of KOA.

According to today's announcement of KOA, the delegation of the Anorthosis Famagusta Association consisted of the President of the Association, Christos Hadjistefanou, the former President Tassos Anastasiadis, the executive secretary Michalis Vassilios and the school superintendent Larnakas Larnaras.

The members of the Board of Directors Stelios Stylianou, Panagiotis Trisokkas, Andronikos Andronikou, the General Manager Dr. Mary Charalambous Papamiltiadis, as well as service officials were present on behalf of KOA.

Source: KYPE