Lefteris Triaros: His priorities in case of his election (VIDEO)

Aristindin Candidate of DI.KO Famagusta, Lefteris Triaros: His priorities in case of his election (VIDEO)

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Aristindin DIKO Candidate in Famagusta, Lefteris Triaros, posted a new video on social media.

In this video he outlines his priorities in the event of his election to Parliament.

See his post as it is:


1) My positive contribution to a better Legislative and Parliamentary work.

2) Contribution and promotion of the necessary projects and infrastructure in the neglected Province of Famagusta and

3) My cooperation with the friends of Famagusta, for initiatives and actions to save our Famagusta, and to contribute to a fair and peaceful solution of the Cyprus problem. We lost our Famagusta and the Rulers were dealing with the golden passports!

See his full statement in the Video:


Curriculum vitae:

He studied Economics - Accounting and Business Administration (B.Sc.) and completed his Postgraduate Studies (M.Sc.) in Business Administration with a Scholarship of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the EMI Organization in Milan. Mr. Triaros is the Managing Partner of E TRIAROS & Co. He has been a Certified Public Accountant - Auditor and Business Consultant since 1990 until today.

He has been a member of the Board. of EBE Famagusta and a member of the Economic Committee of CCCI, while he is President of the Association of Graduate Certified Auditors-Accountants of Cyprus, as well as Vice President of Finance of TEVEA. He is also the President of the Paralimni Tennis Club and a member of the Board. of the Cyprus Tennis Federation (OAK) of which he was Vice President in the period 2017-2020. He has intense social action and contribution to fellow human beings while he is Vice President of the Association for Children with Special Needs "Lighthouse of Life" of the Free Province of Famagusta. He is married and has 3 children.