LIOPETRI: Obtaining Cypriot citizenship by two children, with a Greek Cypriot mother and a Turkish Cypriot father

Tomorrow is the meeting of the Council of Ministers

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The Cypriot citizenship can be granted to the two children from Liopetri, with a Greek Cypriot mother and a Turkish Cypriot father, said today the Minister of Interior Nikos Nouris, who will submit a specific proposal at tomorrow's session of the Council of Ministers.

In statements in Vavatsinia and when asked about the issue of the two children from Liopetri who do not have citizenship, Mr. Nouris answered that "the problem of citizenships and people who have one or both parents, who may not be Greek Cypriots "or Turkish Cypriots, but they are Turkish nationals and not only, it is an issue that is being handled by the Ministry of Interior not now, but for many years now."

After stating that "the reason is clear and very simple" he explained that "in the context of the problem that our country is facing with the occupation, we must be extremely careful in the way in which citizenship is granted, just so as not to create additional problems. "Making a decision on a specific case may open Aeolus' bags and that is why we are handling each of these cases with exceptional procedures and very carefully," he said.

In the context of this philosophy, Mr. Nouris continued, "at tomorrow's meeting of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Interior will submit a specific proposal regarding the incident of the two children in order to grant citizenship to children, after due investigation and we believe that with the parameters that we will explain to the Council of Ministers, we consider that this issue can be satisfied ".