LIOPETRI: 88-year-old Pantelis Kakolis presents his poetry collection "Knowledge is Xiportin"

In this poetic collection, the maturation and refinement of the innate talent of the 88-year-old poet is evident.

Folk Poetry, Pantelis Kakolis

AgkaliaZO, Adult Day Care Center and SKE Liopetri invite you to the presentation of the new poetry collection of Pantelis Kakolis "The Xiportin of Knowledge" on Friday 10 June at 20:00 at the Adult Day Care Center.

The event is under the auspices of the president of PSSE, Elias Dimitriou.

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With his new poetry collection "Tis gnosti to xiportin", published by Epifaniou, the dialectical poet Pantelis Kakolis enriches even more the folk tradition and the cultural heritage of the place.

In this poetic collection, the maturation and refinement of the innate talent of the 88-year-old poet is evident. His source of inspiration is life itself. His own and others'.

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A few words about the poet:

Pantelis N. Kakolis  

He was born in Liopetri, Famagusta province, on December 12, 1933.

He completed the primary school of his village and then entered the "Commercial High School Siakalli" in Varosi for only one year. He stopped to take care of his parents' farm. As a teenager, he loved books and indulged in self-education, with a particular love for poetry and literature.

He married the fellow villager of Paraskevo, Georgios Katsiaris, and they had four children, two daughters (one of whom died in infancy) and two sons.

His restless youthful spirit pushed him to seek his fortune abroad and so in 1956 he found himself in Blackpool, England. In 1957 he moved with his family to Manchester in an effort to offer her a better future through life. There, throughout his many years of residence, he was intensely active for the benefit of the Greek community, producing a commendable cultural work.

In 1996 she was repatriated and took the honorary position of cultural advisor, proposed to him by the Community Council of Liopetri, from which she offered non-profit until 2017, when she left, giving young people the opportunity to work.

Starting from 1978 he has published the following poetry collections and researches:

  • "The leaves of my card", Bookstore. Kokkinochoriton folk poets, no. 2, 1978
  • "The alpha is the beta", Library of Kokkinochori folk poets, no. 4, 1979
  • "Words and figures", 1983
  • "Part of my cosmos" (bilingual, Greek - English), 1984
  • "Between two cultures" (bilingual, Greek - English), 1995
  • "Xomblia tou nou jiai tis karkias - Poetic anthology of Liopetrit lyricists 1898 -1999", 1999
  • "The foundations to be laid", 2001
  • "To Liopetri - Recording of a family tree of Liopetrites 1825 - 2002", historical research, 2003
  • "With genuine yeast", 2008
  • "The Erotic", 2012
  • "Xomblia tou nou jiai tis karkias - Poetic anthology of Liopetrit lyricists 1898 -1999 and 2012", 2013nd edition improved, XNUMX
  • "The heart listens to him", 2017.
  • "A voice that leaves the paths to infinity", digital album, 2020.
  • "Tountis zoi tertipkia" - Kofta Traoudkia dishtichia, 2020.
  • "The knowledge of knowledge", 2022.

For his literary, humanitarian and cultural work, he was honored by his birthplace and the parish of Manchester, while among the many distinctions with which he has been honored, in Cyprus and abroad, the following stand out:

  • In 1983 he was honored with the Golden Cross by the Holy Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain, "for his actions and actions for the benefit of the Greek Diaspora".
  • In 2012 he was honored with the Gold Medal of Honor by the UNESCO group of the Prefecture of Piraeus and Islands, "for his contribution to Greek letters".
  • In 2013, the Heraldic and Genealogical Society of Greece registered him as one of its partners and honored him with a complex personal coat of arms (an exceptional work of art by the artist Ioannis P. Vlazakis).
  • In 2016 he was awarded the Gold Medal of Honor of the Austrian humanitarian organization "Albert Schweizer", "for his social work".
  • In 2016, the International Academy of Social Sciences in Florida, USA, also awarded him the honorary title of Honorary Academic Professor of Social Sciences.
  • In 2018 he was awarded by the Non-Profit Organization "His Majesty the Greek Immigrant" ("His Majesty the Greek Immigrant") based in Canada, in the context of the 5th World Meeting of Hellenes Abroad.
  • In 2021 he was awarded the Folk Tradition Award of the "Andreas Mapouras" Foundation of Aradippou.

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