LIOPETRI: Touching! 9-year-old Kyriakos rings the bell of victory against cancer (VIDEO)

The video is shocking with the moment that little Kyriakos rings the bell beating cancer - He was diagnosed with a tumor in the brain

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With one shocking video who sheds tears of joy and optimism, the parents of the 9-year-old Kyriakou Spaou from Liopetri, wanted to inform that their child finally defeated cancer.

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Little Kyriakos was diagnosed with a brain tumor last December and the local community immediately launched a fundraising campaign to send the little boy to Germany for treatment.

Today, his parents, Panagiotis from Sotira and Eleni from Liopetri, posted a video in which he is depicted ringing the bell of the Hospital, signifying the victory against cancer.

Watch the moving video:

The parents of little Kyriakos stated the following: 

A simple bell with great importance for every child and parent! Mixed emotions. Emotion and joy together with the river of tears running with joy! Just a time of endless pain! I praise the god that we went through all this and with the help of our Virgin Mary and all the saints we finished and won the biggest war! I wish from the bottom of my heart that cancer becomes only a sign that does not hurt the heart and body of the world! Thank you for the prayers that accompanied us and strengthened us every minute!LikeHowShare