LIOPETRI: Damage to the kitchen, 3 houses were affected by a fire in the utility room

Fire in a utility kitchen in Liopetri – Damage to an adjacent kitchen – 3 residences were affected – Forgotten kitchenware the cause

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A fire in an auxiliary house mobilized the Fire Department in Liopetri.

According to the fire department, at 13:05 yesterday a call was received about a fire in a makeshift kitchen, which was used as an auxiliary kitchen, in the community of Liopetriou in the province of Famagusta.

The Police and the Fire Service responded to the scene with three vehicles from Famagusta Fire Station Sergeant Adamou Adamou and the fire was brought under control at 13:42.

From the fire and the heat, the said parapegma, which was made of tin and wooden frames, as well as its contents, suffered extensive damage, while the kitchen of one of the houses adjacent to the parapegma was also slightly damaged.

The fire and heat also affected part of the upper-story house of wooden construction, while all three residences in the building were affected by the smoke.

The occupants of the houses, who were inside their houses when the fire broke out, had left in time to a safe place, without being in danger.

As found The fire was caused by a forgotten cooking utensil in a lit cooking appliance.