George Lillikas met with farmers of Famagusta

MEETING WITH POTATO PRODUCERS Farmers, Georgia, Giorgos Lillikas, Nea Famagusta, Citizens' Alliance

Led by George Lillikas, a delegation of the Citizens' Alliance held a meeting on Sunday with farmers from the Famagusta District in Liopetri and discussed the chronic problems that concern them.

A statement from the Citizens' Alliance said the meeting discussed the high cost of electricity and fuel, water shortages (drought, costs, irrigation) and compensation.

An announcement by the Citizens' Alliance states that after the meeting, Mr. Lillikas agreed with the farmers that their concerns are completely justified and assured them that he would take initiatives to solve their problems.

The Citizens' Alliance in the context of the meeting agrees, as stated in the announcement, with the farmers that the taxes on fuel should be reduced and at the same time there should be a reduction in electricity. Farmers, it is reported, cannot consume € 1.600 and pay € 3.500 in the end.

The Southern Educator, the announcement continues, was made to serve the Farmers of the Famagusta District, they should have priority in the water and not others while it is pointed out that if desalination should be done to cover the area, the cost should not be shoulder the rural world.

According to the Citizens' Alliance, the drought of recent years has left farmers without income, with their property mortgaged and with the collapse of the Co-operation, the State should immediately intervene and help the rural world.

For the Citizens' Alliance, supporting the primary sector of our economy and our fellow citizens in the countryside is a vital part of our anthropocentric policy, for the future of the economy, prosperity and development in our country and the consolidation of Social Democracy, concludes the announcement.