Liopetriou Council for the construction of a canteen in a park: "All comments are false and untrue"

An announcement was made by the Liopetri Community Council regarding the canteen being erected in the Park of the Missing

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The Liopetri Community Council makes an announcement regarding the canteen being erected in the Park of the Missing.

This announcement:

Since various comments have been circulated in the last few days, regarding the canteen that is being built in the Park of the Missing, opposite the camp, about renting it to a very close relative of a person of the Liopetriou Community Council, we want to inform you that this is not the case and all the comments are false and untrue. The construction project of the Park is in Phase A. There will be Phase B and until its completion, which is estimated to be the end of 2025, it will be owned by the New Municipality of Ayia Napa. The New Municipality of Agia Napa will consist of the Mayor, 5 Deputy Mayors and 15 Municipal Members who will be responsible for announcing its rental offer.
Thank you and we kindly ask you to avoid these types of comments that may be intended to harm someone.