Kokkinochorion High School: They created a fake teacher account and sent "complaints" for transmission of coronavirus (VIDEO)

Unbelievable incident that caused upset - A complaint to the Police was submitted by the professor who is investigating a case of forgery

lykeio frenaros kokkinoxwriwn exclusive, Lyceum of Kokkinochorion Foti Pitta
Kokkinohorion High School, © Famagusta.News

Only a disturbance in the end managed to provoke an unknown person or persons who created an e-mail account, using the name of a teacher of the Secondary School of the province of Famagusta and specifically of the Lyceum of Kokkinochoria and sent a complaint to the Ministry of Information. Koronoi that will be caused by the return of school students who are on a mission in Italy.

The message was sent under the title "We are in danger" and in fact it referred to a possible insult and transmission of the new corona by the students who are expected to return on Friday.

The teacher in contact, justifiably, expressed her surprise and immediately filed a complaint with the Department for Combating Cybercrime, which is already investigating a case of forgery.

The Ministry of Education is in constant contact 

The Ministry of Education said it was aware of the mission, but was by no means close to the affected areas.

In particular, it is located in the very small town of Tarkynia, which is located about 75 km from Rome, and the return of students has already been arranged, the day after Friday.

The responsible professor of the mission in turn told us that this is a group of eight students of the second Lyceum who went to Italy for the Erasmus school exchange program "Interculturalism and Photography", with them is another mission from Poland. Finally, he said that there is no cause for concern, as it is a very small city and that students are limited while in constant communication with parents, the school management and the Ministry of Education.

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