The people of Lysia demanded a return during the "Day of Remembrance of Solution" (IMAGES)

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In the Church of Agios Panteleimon in Meneos and later in the Primary School of Meneos, Lysiotes from every corner of Cyprus gathered for the "Day of Remembrance of Solution".

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The solemn evening was officiated by the Metropolitan of Kiti Chrysostomos, supported by the Bishop of Mesaoria Grigorios, the Lysiotis Economist Father George Kaparis and other priests. The Bishop honored the Metropolitan and Lysiotes for their contribution to the Solution.

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Everyone reverently worshiped the Holy Icon of Our Lady of the Solution, which was transferred by the Lysiotis Economist Georgios Kaparis, from the Church of Agios Georgios Aglantzias, to the Holy Temple of Agios Panteleimon in Meneou.

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This was followed by a banquet-dinner with the traditional Lysian spit that was served with the help of the Women's section of ASIL and the Scouts of Lysis.

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In the artistic part, Dimitris Souroullas and Christiana Pavlou, their musical group under the general supervision of Mara Filippou, gave color and aroma to the event and were applauded.

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The program was danced by the music workshop CHOROKRAMA by Lysiotis Marios and Stella Laou, which was also applauded. The extraordinary appearance of Dimitris Fanis from Lysiotis also broadened the horizon of the success of the event.

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The whole event, which was under the auspices of the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis, was enriched by the presence of representatives of the four twinned Municipalities of Greece with the Municipality of Lysis, Kilkis, Avdira, Agioi Anargyroi - Kamatero Attica and Lemnos, representatives of .

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The greeting of the President of the Republic was read by the Deputy Government Spokeswoman Clelia Vassiliou, who also attended the evening service.

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The Mayor of Lysis, Andreas Kaouris, also addressed a greeting-welcome, saying, among other things:

"The love for the Solution, the pain, the misery, the bitterness, the complaint and an infinite why, meet at this time in this corner of the hospitable Municipality of Dromolaxia - Meneou with the inalienable right of return. Our memory and thought are nailed every day and every moment to the Solution of beauty, virtue and creation. We celebrate Our Lady for another year in exile and show our faith, determination and deep commitment to return, rebuilding from the beginning what we left beautiful that gloom of 1974. It is our duty, obligation and responsibility to return. in our favorite Solution ".

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The Mayor of Lysi warmly thanked all the participants of the event and the sponsors: The Mayor of Dromolaxia-Meneou, Kypros Andronikou for the facilities, the Maria Kontovourkis Women's Department of Anakreis of the LONG family of ASIL, the Scouts of Lysi , the Andreou brothers for their generous sponsorship to cover all the needs of the meat event for free, the Alambra dairy, the Joachim Brothers, Takis Pogiatzis who are always in the front line to help the drachmas responsibilities of the Municipality of Lysis.

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The program of the event was presented by Nefeli Vassiliou and Agni Sialarou.

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