SOLUTION: Award Ceremony of the poet George Moleskis with the "GF PIERIDIS" Award

Excerpts from his poetic work

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The award ceremony of Dr. George Moleski with the Award "G F PIERIDIS" for 2020, in the crowded Hall "Kasteliotissa" on November 1, 2021.

The whole life of the distinguished poet, novelist and translator is a path to poetry. From an electric welder and oil painter he went on to become a doctor of Russian literature. Poetry has always been a common axis and feeder for George Moleskis, interwoven with his strong desire to walk in his own path.

As he has stated in an interview in the past, he draws his inspiration from life.

Here are two well-known of his poems: 



The memory of your every touch hurts to resurrect the lost house, the yard with the dead dog, the nights full of deaths and the voices that broke dishes and the glassware inside the house.

It hurts the memory that sought the oblivion oxidized like the old lacquer on the empty well between the weeds and the dry fig trees.

He will draw the water that you drink and remember, the water that so many stories have settled in. And there is no more escape or oblivion, as when the knot reaches the comb and on the fire the oil was poured.




I feel a sadness in the big cities that hangs like a cold garment on my soul. This sadness lurks in the squares, the main streets and the alleys, where the beggars fight for a penny, skilled street musicians give concerts and stand on their pedestals. and painted statues motionless in the heat and cold.

- a lonely musician in Barcelona played the pantonion so skillfully and beautifully, that he could also play as a soloist with our symphony orchestra -. on the other side on the lonely benches, to be silent and to look into the void, or in their own destiny.

Where will they all perch at night?

If only the birds knew how to migrate, where the weather is warm and where the meadows are in bloom. But no one knows. us.

Only this sadness, which I carry around all day in the big cities, is all mine. And as I return to my hotel at night, the melody of a band of traveling musicians accompanies my lonely steps, then the city becomes more foreign and I feel cold!…

In the photo, from left to right, the Deputy Director of Cultural Services of the Ministry of Culture Dr. Kyprianos Louis, the former Director of Cultural Services of the Ministry of Culture Pavlos Paraskevas, the award-winning Dr. George Moleskis (holding the Papyrus and the Skeptical Award, daughter of GF Pieridis), George Frangos, former Secretary of the EPP, and current President of the Cyprus Writers 'Union (who presented the translation work of the honoree), the President of the Cyprus Writers' Union | EPP Dr. Joseph S. Iosisfidis, both actors who read 3 poems and 1 short story by the winner, Andreas Nikolaidis and Giannis Karaoulis (far right).

The Program of the Ceremony was also attended by Christos Hatzipapas (who presented the prose work of G. Moleski), Emilios Solomou (who presented the poetic work of G. Moleski) and Marina Pieridou-Hatzikakou who shared moving memories and life the work of the father of George F. Pieridis, founder and 1st President of the Cyprus Writers' Union, in 1978.

With the same award have been honored - from 2009 until today - the important writers of Cyprus: Maria Pyliotou, Panos Ioannidis, Christakis Georgiou, Theoklis Kougialis, Dina Katsouri, Ivi Meleagrou, Maria Avramidou, Christos Hatzipalis, Katzipas Kassipalis.

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