The best students of the Solution (IMAGES) were honored

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The School Ephorate of Lyssi organized an event at the Lyceum of Agios Georgios Larnaca on January 2 to honor the excellent Lyssiotes graduates of the School Year 2017/18.

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A modest ceremony took place that began with a greeting from the President of the School Ephorate, Andreas Lyssandrou, who referred to the performance of the excellent and the difficulties faced in locating them, since in almost all schools in free Cyprus. He warmly thanked all those who helped in any way in the organization and success of the event.

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This was followed by a greeting from the Mayor of Lysis, Andreas Kaouris, who congratulated both those who excelled, who with their performance honored themselves and Lysi, as well as the School Ephorate that organized this event. He promised the Ephorate any help from the Municipality.

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Afterwards, the First Minister of Education of Larnaca - Famagusta, Michalis Loizidis, addressed a gathering on behalf of the Minister of Education and Culture, Costas Hambiaouris. He congratulated those who excelled and wished them every success in their lives and in their future plans.

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Finally, the Most Reverend Bishop of Mesaoria, Gregory, in his greeting, conveyed to the gathering the wishes and blessings of the church. He wished the excellences a happy and creative future.

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This was followed by the honorary distinction from the School Ephorate and the Municipality of Lysis, to the distinguished teacher Dr. Panagiotis Persianis. Professor of the University of Cyprus Dr. spoke about the life, studies and contribution of Dr. Persianis. Stavroula Kontovourki.

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Responding, Mr. Persianis thanked the School Ephorate and the Municipality and recalled his first supplies from the historical library of the Solution Association, LALL. Addressing the excellencies, he guided them on the path they should follow to succeed in life.

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The Most Venerable Metropolitan of Tamassos and Mount Isaiah and the Choreographer of Mesaoria, Gregory, offered a gift-book to the excellent ones, to whom we thank.

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This was followed by the awarding of plaques and gifts to those who excelled, and finally the event closed with an artistic program prepared by our excellent students.

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