Find out where you vote. Step by step the process

Find out where to vote – Where to go to find out where to exercise your right to vote

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Electoral battle for the Presidency of the Republic and the citizens come to the polls tomorrow to exercise their right to vote.

Based on the announcements made by the Chief Electoral Officer, voters can find out where they are voting in the following sources of information:


Entering ID number and date of birth.

Mobile text message (SMS):

Message to the number 1199, entering:

wtv blank id number blank date of birth

e.g. wtv 900500 01/06/1990

Telephone information service:

Pancypriot number: 77 77 22 12

Nicosia: 22804348, 22804295, 22804349, 22804283

Limassol: 25806443, 25806454, 25806406, 25806447