Students of the 2nd Gymnasium of Giannitsa were hosted by the Gymnasium of Kokkinohoria (PHOTO)

The Kokkinohoria High School welcomed and hosted students and teachers of the 2nd Gymnasium of Giannitsa "Kirillos and Methodios"

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The Kokkinochoria High School welcomed and hosted from 17/3/23 - 20/3/23 students and teachers of the 2nd Giannitsa High School "Kirillos and Methodios". The visit of the team from Greece was preceded by the visit and hosting of a team of Kokkinohoria school, students and teachers, in Giannitsa from 8-11/12/2022.

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The participation of all the students in the activities organized by the two schools was such that they helped to create cognitive and value conditions for the children to adopt attitudes and behaviors in matters of protecting the ecological balance, quality of life and sustainability of development, as well as in strengthening the historical, national and cultural ties that connect Cyprus with Greece and promoting relations of friendship and cooperation.

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It was a unique experience where Greeks and Cypriots met once again, completing in the best way an excellent initiative.

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During the visit of the Helladites to Cyprus, the children visited the Cultural Center of Famagusta, the Statue Park in Ayia Napa, participated in activities in the Botanical Garden in Avgorou, visited Omodos and the Holy Monastery of the Holy Cross, where they were informed by Fr. Neophytos . They also visited the castle of Larnaca and the church of Agios Lazaros, where they were informed by Father Grigorios. The children also had the opportunity to rest and develop friendships, through their visit to the Pier and the Limassol Marina, as well as the port and promenade of Ayia Napa.

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Of course, the children also visited the Kokkinohoria school, where they were given a tour of our school's classrooms and laboratories. They also attended a small event with songs from the Music school. The event was welcomed by the Speaker of the Parliament, Mrs. Annita Dimitriou, as the actions of the program were under her auspices.

The two groups of students and teachers were offered meals by the Municipality of Agia Napa, the Community of Frenarous, the parents' association as well as breakfast by the students of our school.

The "Golden Green Leaf" is a transnational environmental education program between Cyprus and Greece. 28 Junior High Schools and High Schools (14 from Cyprus and 14 from Greece) participate in this, which in pairs of partnerships design, plan and prepare Environmental Education programs.

The purpose of the "Golden Green Leaf" program is to promote the cooperation of students, teachers, ministries, parent and guardian associations, local municipalities and communities and environmental agencies to provide the students and teachers of the two countries with environmental education opportunities, in order to create environmentally literate active citizens who are also aware of environmental issues.