Students of Paralimni High School make us proud with innovative ideas! - Watch the video

They created an app for saving food and a compressor for cans and presented them at Junior Achievement Cyprus

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Students of Paralimni High School make us proud once again. Dedicating many hours of their free time, they managed with the help of the Professor of Economics, Mr. Panikkos Stefanis, to create and complete two new pioneering products and present them at Junior Achievement Cyprus.

400 students from all over Cyprus occupied the Mall of Cyprus to present their innovative products and services as part of the Student Business Program.

The students of the Lyceum of Paralimni created the two student businesses, with the main aim of protecting the environment, from the beginning participating in them as a board of directors, while at the same time they went to the market looking for customers and sponsors, presenting their integrated plan.

  • DulWhatsappaki:

Worthy of comment is the idea of ​​the group of 5 girls to create an app that encourages the public to make the most of edible products. In the app there are articles on how to help a product stand the test of time, how to cook it, and where users can submit their own ideas. At the same time, at a later stage, the plan intends to add offers from supermarkets.

  • Can Destructor

A device to compress cans in order to reduce the space they take up in recyclable bags was made by students of Paralimni High School. The tin press is aimed at restaurants, hotels and households. The goal in the future is to expand the structure to compress more cans using solar energy.

See the video and pictures:



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