With a doctor, the Famagusta General Hospital for kidney patients: "The world is dying slowly" (VID)

"We are 50 patients and we only have one doctor. People here die slowly"

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A kidney patient at the Famagusta hospital spoke on the show Mesimeri and Kati, who complains that they have a terrible problem since there have been no doctors for four months.

As he reports, there is only one doctor who goes to the hospital at 9 and leaves at 14:30 and the patients are left exposed.

"I am speaking to you right now from the bed of pain. I've been on dialysis for five hours now. For four months now, OKYpY has been looking to find a doctor."

He also added that the nurses asked to leave the ward and be transferred elsewhere because something bad would happen and they would get involved.

"We are 50 patients and we only have one doctor. OKYpY should provide incentives to find a doctor. It is not possible with only one doctor, some patients will not be served. People here die slowly."

The answer of OKYPY

Called to respond to the accusations, the press representative of OKYPY, Charalambos Harilaou, stated that the issue is not new but timeless and it is known that there is a nephrologist in Famagusta.

He added that many attempts were made to find a doctor without success. "There is currently no interest for him to be employed at the General Directorate of Famagusta", he said.

He also noted that the number of 50 patients is not prohibitive for a doctor because a patient does not undergo dialysis every day but day after day. "The organization is trying to find a second doctor to staff the department"

At the moment, he said, if the specific doctor is absent, he will be replaced by a doctor from other provinces.

Mr. Harilaou mentioned that he wished there was a doctor available from Greece to bring him, but this specialty is difficult to find.

In closing, he said that he cannot say that patients are at risk and you cannot compel a doctor.

Source: Sigmalive