The 1st TEPAK lecture was successfully held in the free province of Famagusta

The 1st TEPAK lecture was successfully held in the free province of Famagusta

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The first of a series of open university lectures organized in the free province of Famagusta by the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK), in collaboration with the Famagusta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was successfully held last night (11/10) in Ayia Napa. (EBEA).

The first lecture on "The superpower of the future: Learn how to empower yourself in the digital age", was held at the Nissi Beach Hotel, with the speaker being the Professor of Information Society, in the Department of Communication and Internet Studies of TEPAK, Dr. Eleni A. Kyza.

In his greeting at the event, the Rector of TEPAK, Professor Panagiotis Zafeiris, noted, among other things, that the organization of this series of lectures is part of TEPAK's effort to become a more open University, accessible to all citizens.

"We believe that the University should not be an introverted institution, but a place where scientific knowledge is transmitted and shared with society. Open university lectures are an excellent way to achieve this goal," he said.

Through the open lectures, Prytanis added, "TEPAK wants to offer citizens the opportunity to learn about the latest scientific achievements and developments in various fields. We also want to encourage dialogue and interaction between scientists and society."

At the same time, he expressed his belief that "this dialogue is necessary to create a more informed and participatory society".

Referring to the topic of the first lecture, Rector Zafeiris emphasized the importance of digital education and digital literacy in our time, pointing out that "digital technology has radically changed the way we live, work and learn".

He further stated that the aim of the lecture was to provide valuable knowledge and information on "how we can enhance our digital skills and become more active and responsible digital citizens".

Referring, finally, to the speaker of the lecture, Professor Elena Kyza, she spoke of a leading researcher, of international scope, in the fields of digital education and digital literacy.

For his part, the President of the Famagusta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Augustinos Papathomas, welcomed the participants to the lecture, expressing his joy and satisfaction both for the cooperation between TEPAK and the Famagusta Chamber, as well as for the organization of the first lecture in the Free Province of Famagusta, within the framework of the "Free University" institution.

The aim of this lecture, as he said, was to provide new knowledge, develop skills and cultivate free thinking around the digital age, a topic of interest to the residents and entrepreneurs of the Free District of Famagusta and beyond.

"We wish the continuation of this cooperation on other levels for the common good", concluded the President of the Famagusta Chamber.

During her speech, Dr. Eleni Kyza referred to the important role that technology plays in today's digital age and briefly presented knowledge in relation to a number of topics, such as artificial intelligence, the rapid dissemination of correct and falsified information in social media, the automation and optimization of human-machine interaction.

Subsequently, he emphasized the need to acquire digital literacy and cultivate digital skills, while he referred to the issues of developing digital awareness and digital literacy, as well as strategies to protect our data online.

The participants of the lecture were given a Certificate of Attendance.

The lecture was followed by a reception.