The Official Dinner for the 70th anniversary of the Chamber of Famagusta was crowned with great success

PtB: "Soon let's go back to the Chamber's offices on Gladstonos Street in Famagusta"

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Her evening was crowned with great success Thursday, June 1, 2023 in Ayia Napa the Official Dinner celebrating the anniversary of 70 years of activity and contribution of the Famagusta Chamber of Commerce and Industry to the business and economic activities of Cyprus. 

During the Official Dinner the timeless work which was carried out by the Famagusta Chamber since 1952 when it was founded, to all those who contributed to this project in its 70 years of life. The Famagusta Chamber, through its long history, not only kept alive despite the adversities and difficulties of the Turkish Invasion of 1974, but continued to play a catalytic role in supporting the business community in multiple ways. In addition, the Chamber promotes the development and prosperity of the free province of Famagusta while at the same time it is an important body of the national issue with a substantial contribution to maintaining both the ties of the new generations of Famagusta with the occupied City and the identity of Varosi.

After the invasion of 1974, the displaced city businessmen, carrying with them the experiences, skills and knowledge, re-entered into business activity in the temporarily settled provinces and in all sectors, flourishing, thus contributing greatly to the post-war Economic miracle. The Famagusta Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the only refugee Chamber of the place with its members active scattered in the free areas of Cyprus. 49 years the Chamber has been active outside its headquarters – proof that the vigor and zeal of the business world of Famagusta remain unchanged and alive. The Famagusta Chamber must stay and will remain alive.

The event was welcomed the President of the House of Representatives Mrs. Annita Dimitriou who had placed the entire event under her auspices, the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry Mr. Giorgos Papanastasiou, the President of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce Mr. Vasilios Korkidis and the President of the Famagusta Chamber, Mr. Augustinos Papathomas .

The Official Dinner was graced by the presence of the Minister of Defense Mr. Michalis Giorgallas, the Minister of Justice and Public Order Mrs. Anna Koukkidis-Prokopiou, the Deputy Minister of Shipping to the President Mrs. Marina Hatzimanoli, the Deputy Minister of Tourism Mr. Kostas Koumis as well as other official guests. Among the MPs of Famagusta, the Mayor of Famagusta, Mayors and Mayors of the free province of Famagusta as well as businessmen, members, friends and associates of the Chamber of Famagusta.

In addition to the greetings, during the evening there was a screening of the historical review of the Chamber as well as statements and tributes to all the former Presidents of the Chamber. The event was concluded by an artistic program with the participation of Stella Georgiadou. The presenter was the journalist Mrs. Vivian Kanari.

 PtB: "Soon let's go back to the Chamber's offices on Gladstonos Street in Famagusta"

Our main pursuit and primary concern is the resolution of the Cyprus problem and the return to the occupied territories while simultaneously reversing the fait accompli that Ankara is attempting and attempting every day in the closed area of ​​Famagusta, said the Speaker of the Parliament Annita Dimitriou, noting that nothing can replace the dynamics that the solution will give to the wider economy.
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In her greeting at an official dinner for the seventieth anniversary of the Famagusta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EBEA) held at a hotel in Ayia Napa on Thursday evening, Mrs. Dimitriou expressed the wish that "soon we will go back to Gladstonos Street (where they were the offices of the Chamber) after we succeed in liberating and reuniting our homeland".

As the President of the Parliament said "Cyprus, despite its small size, as a modern European state, at the crossroads of three continents, aspires and has the possibility, by upgrading its competitive role with high-quality projects and infrastructures, strengthening its credibility, to become resilient international business hub in services, tourism, shipping, education, energy, attracting significant large-scale investment”.

After stating that "we recognize the problems, peculiarities and difficulties faced by the business world of Famagusta", Annita Dimitriou noted that "as the House of Representatives, I assure you that we are always ready to listen to you, to identify gaps and weaknesses together and to proceed through legislative regulations to structural changes and corrective actions".

The President of the Parliament also said that "the provision of incentives and the development of appropriate quality infrastructure, through a correct and balanced sustainability and sustainability plan, while making the most of the Recovery and Resiliency Plan, will contribute to freeing the region from seasonality and it will broaden the prospects for attracting foreign strategic investments, while simultaneously creating new jobs, which the region so badly needs".

However, he noted, nothing "can substitute for the momentum that the resolution of our national question and the much-desired return to our occupied towns and villages will give to the wider economy. This remains, first and foremost, our basic pursuit and primary concern, with the parallel reversal of the fait accompli that Ankara is attempting and attempting every day in the closed area of ​​Famagusta."

Unfortunately, he continued, "the latest developments with the usurpation of Greek Cypriot properties as well as the broader issue of property in the area of ​​Famagusta are of particular concern to us" and referred to the letter-proceedings sent by the House of Representatives to the members of the Security Council, the counterparts of the EU and the Council of Europe denouncing "the constant pursuit of changing the status quo in Famagusta and for the seizure of Greek Cypriot properties, in violation of the resolutions of the United Nations".

At the same time, he said "we call on the international community to condemn the ongoing violations of international law and human rights by Turkey, directly exerting its influence so that the occupying power reverses its illegal actions and also stops following the policy of two measures and of the two stations. We also want the same response which is very rightly happening at the given moment in Ukraine" he said and added that "what we constantly point out and emphasize using every international step, with every opportunity in and through parliamentary diplomacy, is that tolerance and selective response, encourages Ankara to proceed with the implementation of its expansive plans".

As Mrs. Dimitriou said "we will never stop for a moment fighting not only for Varosi but also for our entire Cyprus" and she assured that "our gaze and our thoughts remain fixed deep there on the golden sandy beach of Famagusta. Until the final vindication, until we can celebrate in our beloved city, the city we miss."

Min. Energy: The contribution of EBE Famagusta to the modernization of Cypriot businesses is particularly important

In his own greeting, the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry Giorgos Papanastasiou stated that "at a time when Cypriot business is called upon to modernize, in order to become sustainable and competitive, the contribution of EBE Famagusta, with the actions and initiatives it undertakes towards benefit of its members, but also of your province in general, is considered particularly important. We consider the constant communication of the state with the businesses of Famagusta to be equally crucial, in order to listen to the needs and concerns of the business world of your province and to promote targeted measures and solutions".

The main goal of the Ministry of Energy, said Mr. Papanastasiou, is "always in collaboration with the members of our business community, the creation of a new development model, based mainly on innovation and entrepreneurship. In this direction, at the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry we implement programs that, either directly or indirectly, strengthen Cypriot businesses, evaluating the key parameters that make up today's competitive environment and aiming to encourage entrepreneurship and business innovation, the development of manufacturing sector, the digitization of businesses and the promotion of the circular economy".

He also noted that "for the period 2021-2027, the Ministry has secured funds totaling approximately 500 million euros, for the implementation of various Grant Schemes" including energy upgrading of homes.

The Minister of Energy referred to the "efforts we are making as a Government to redefine our energy strategy, now focusing on the reduction of electricity costs for households and businesses" and noted that "we are convinced that this is the best way to to practically support our trade and industry, since by reducing the operating costs of our businesses, we essentially support the competitiveness of the country and, consequently, the sustainable and sustainable development of our economy".

To get the most benefit from this effort, he continued, “our goal is to bring low-cost natural gas from the Eastern Mediterranean through a pipeline. This gas will be used in power generation and possibly for liquefaction and export".

At the same time, he continued "the Ministry, in cooperation with the commercial and industrial world, makes every possible effort to support and encourage the export orientation of our businesses, their penetration into new markets and, in general, to increase exports of Cypriot products and services" noting that "the completion of the establishment of the National Visual Identity of Cypriot Products (Products of Cyprus Branding) is also expected to give a significant boost to the efforts to strengthen the extroversion of Cypriot businesses".

Mr. Papanastasiou referred to the business missions to foreign countries with the aim of promoting Cyprus as an international business center and revealed that "for 2023, business missions are planned to priority countries such as the USA, Great Britain, Austria, India and others » while between June 20 and 23, he will lead a business mission to Kazakhstan.

In his greeting, the Minister also referred to the operation by the Ministry of Energy "of the Export Helpdesk, through which specialized assistance is provided to companies wishing to internationalize their activity" while he called on the EBE Famagusta to continue "with the same enthusiasm and efficiency the project of, assuring that the Government and our Ministry in particular, we will be partners and helpers in your efforts, in every possible way".

Augustinos Papathomas/President of the Chamber of Famagusta: Great investment interest for El. Famagusta – Give incentives

For his part, the President of the EBE Famagusta, Augustinos Papathomas, in his own greeting, referred to the 70 years of the Chamber's journey, of which 48 were in refugee status, and said that "the free province of Famagusta has offered the most to our country in the last 49 years" .

He added that "it is important and fair that the free province and the life of its inhabitants develop uniformly and at the same pace as the other provinces. The state must provide incentives to create conditions for the further development and attraction of investments in the province of Famagusta, to create the appropriate infrastructure and to provide incentives, such as urban planning, for the creation of special zones for the establishment of foreign and local businesses in our province, so that it does not rely almost exclusively on tourism".
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He also noted that "there is great investment interest in the area, but developments are not progressing due to restrictions on environmental and other issues. We believe that solutions can be found by the authorities so that investments can proceed," he said.

The President of EBEA also stated that "we must keep the memory of Famagusta alive, to keep the Varosians who are scattered all over Cyprus and especially the younger ones together. Organizations such as the Famagusta Chamber but also the Municipality of Famagusta, the Nautical Club of Famagusta, Anorthosis, Nea Salamina, GSE, have the power and the obligation to help keep the identity of the people of Varosio alive" he concluded.

Greeting from the President of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vassilis Korkidis

In his own greeting, shown via video, the President of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vassilis Korkidis, said that "the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Famagusta Foundation's activity and contribution to the economic activities of Cyprus reflects the first and very successful organized effort of the business world of Famagusta, to create an organization, to defend the well-meaning interests and to promote the economic development of both the city and the entire province of Famagusta, unfortunately the enclosed city of Famagusta".

Mr. Korkidis referred to the "historical relations that the two Chambers have for more than 50 years and wished that "the members of the Famagusta business community and its members, who are still active scattered throughout the provinces of free Cyprus, will soon celebrate within the walled city, the next anniversary".

During the event, former Presidents and members of the Board of Directors of EBEA were honored, gifts were offered to the Speaker of the Parliament and the Minister of Energy, while a film of the Chamber's historical retrospective was shown.

The Chamber of Famagusta warmly thanks the Platinum Sponsor IRON FX and all the Silver Sponsors of the event: Mavroudis Global Transportation and Logistics Ltd., Salamis Organization, Island Oil (Holdings) Ltd., Nissi Beach Resort, Atlas Pantou Co Ltd., CARAMONDANI BROS PLC LTD., TERRA NAVIS Ltd., FRP Advisory, Cyprus Shipowners Association, K. Kyhtreotis Holdings Public Ltd. and Olympia Ocean Carriers Ltd.