Michalis Soulis: It is time to see the real problems and face them

"My own positions on how I will govern" - Article by the Candidate MP in Famagusta with the Change of Generation, Michalis Soulis

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By Michalis Soulis

Cyprus is plagued by dozens of problems: economic, social, corruption problems at a time when the Cyprus issue not only remains unresolved but is moving in the wrong direction. It is time to look at the real problems and deal with them. Let go of wishes and promises and move forward finding solutions to all that has plagued us for decades.

My own positions on how I will govern are:


Our Cyprus problem is increasingly heading in the wrong direction. Year after year, we are receding more and more, with the result that the crime of Turkey is gradually being completed.

  • Requirement for the implementation of UN and UN resolutions
  • Requirement of application of the acquis communautaire and EU principles for all legal residents of Cyprus and exemption from guarantees, invasive rights as well as the withdrawal of all foreign troops.
  • Sustainable and functional solution of the Cyprus problem
  • Practical support to the displaced in order to avoid appealing to the compensation committee of the Turkish subordinate administration in occupied Cyprus.



To build an economy that is fair and humane for a prosperous society with economic growth and to ensure the quality of life of our society.

  • Fair tax and social security system
  • Control of revenue inflows to the State
  • Promotion of policies for attracting foreign capital in Cyprus, which will create primarily new high-paying jobs in areas of real growth
  • Transparency in government spending
  • Substantial absorption of funds from European Funds and European Operational Programs
  • Changes in the banking system with practices that enhance the viability of small and medium enterprises
  • Independence of the Social Insurance Fund
  • No pensioner to receive a pension lower than 733 euros (amount that is the minimum for the bankrupt)
  • Immediate payment of allowance (sickness, maternity, unemployment, etc.) - in one month after the submission to give the minimum and after the check to be completed accordingly.



Corruption and entanglement afflict and drag our society, undermining the institution of Democracy and the Rule of Law.

  • Stricter controls on "Pothen esches" of political and economic factors
  • Pursue transparent procedures that serve the public interest and aim at the profitability of the state and not private interests
  • Frequent financial, regulatory, management, technical and environmental audits
  • Improve accountability and reduce impunity.



Unfortunately, our society is still plagued by inequalities that create huge social problems that marginalize large sections of the population.

  • Creating strategies for solving social problems
  • Universal strategy for adjusting retirement benefits and other benefits
  • Promoting Gender Equality in the labor market, in centers of power and full respect for people with disabilities
  • Effective treatment of any form of violence and social racism wherever it comes from
  • Operation of a proper health system that ensures the safety of patients' health and decent care and treatment
  • Modernization of the educational system and integration of spiritual and mental cultivation
  • Establishment of professions that promote culture
  • Increase of maternity leave to 6 months


  • Adequate free education for all ages
  • Investing in new, modern, energy-enhanced learning-friendly buildings for students with mobility problems
  • Pressure to apply best practices learning from examples
  • Increase free time, little to no homework
  • Lunch at school
  • Promotion of starting school at 8:30 and continuing classes until 15:00
  • Modernization of school orientation. To start from the first grade of High School
  • Modernization of the teacher evaluation system for a fair and correct evaluation
  • School safety must be a priority


  • GESY - recruitment of staff where there is a shortage
  • Equipment modernization
  • Creation of GESY control committees to avoid filthy profiteering and overconsumption
  • Proper information to create a sense of responsibility among citizens
  • Information on the proper use of medicines
  • Awareness of the importance of proper nutrition and exercise in health


  • Ability to submit all government applications electronically
  • Redeployment of public sector staff
  • Funds for decentralization
  • Support for raw material producers


  • Organized tree planting Pancypria
  • Promotion through incentives of electrification
  • Promoting the use of bicycles through the development of infrastructure that will make use more accessible and efficient.
  • More favorable terms for the use of photovoltaics in houses and apartment buildings
  • Further promotion of the energy efficiency plan A in existing apartment buildings
  • Promotion of the recycling system
  • More effective implementation of legislation for those who pollute the environment
  • Stricter legislation and more effective control over poaching, poaching and possession and use of pesticides


  • Accesses for everyone
  • Equal access to learning through technology
  • Protection of parking spaces for people with disabilities by electronic means
  • Promotion of funds for employment of people with special needs


  • Incentives for modernizing ways of producing raw materials
  • Funds for the promotion of organic production
  • Support for Cypriot products for exports abroad with additional incentives
  • Providing incentives to encourage young people to take up the profession.


  • Promotion of winter tourism by attracting other types of tourism (European Seminars, exhibitions, events, medical tourism).

Michalis Soulis is a Member of Parliament for Famagusta with the Generation Change Party.

Brief CV

He was born in Larnaca in 1988 and lives in Xylotymvou. He comes from the occupied Achna and the occupied Vitsada of the Province of Famagusta, birthplaces of his father and mother respectively. He is married and has a son.

He is a graduate of the American Academy in Larnaca and during his military service he served as a Probationary Reserve Officer. I have studied Civil Engineering with honors and I have done a postgraduate course in Construction Project Management in Great Britain with a scholarship. I have also studied welding engineering (IWE-EWE) in Greece.

Today I work as a Technical Director in a private construction company, and I was also a professor at UCLan University teaching welding theory. I am a member of the Institute of Civil Engineering of England (ICE), ETEK and the Hellenic Institute of Welding.