Michalis Soulis: Sports should be a basic educational pillar

Article by the Candidate MP in Famagusta with the Change of Generation, Michalis Soulis

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By Michalis Soulis

Cyprus is perhaps one of the few countries in Europe where the education we provide to our children in schools is far from the phrase "a healthy mind and a healthy body".

Unfortunately, even in the days when the benefits of sports and training are now obvious and are a key educational pillar, in our country there is no clear policy that will enhance the participation of students and young people in sports resulting in not only being created lazy citizens but to be at the highest levels as a country regarding issues of heart disease and obesity.

Let's not forget that participation in team sports and sports in general helps to improve fitness, protects against obesity, smoking, drugs and heart disease by reducing the risk of health problems.

In 21ο century everyone should now know that exercise helps the brain function better and contributes to the development of motor skills and coordination.

Also, the proper training of people from a young age increases the confidence of the child since according to scientific studies it causes an increase in euphoria hormones such as endorphins and monamines.

At the same time, it promotes teamwork and cultivates a sense of discipline, teaching children respect, team spirit, noble rivalry and the proper and creative management of their time away from drugs, alcohol, smoking and delinquency.

People who exercise from a young age are better aware of the difference and make new friends through a healthy life as sport helps calm the mind as it reduces stress and depression.

Our educational system and the education we provide to our children must be more than theoretical. Exercise is a cornerstone of creating a healthy person from childhood. Sport has a lot to offer our children and young people. Let us not allow another precious time to be wasted.


Michalis Soulis is a Member of Parliament for Famagusta with the Generation Change Party.


Brief CV

He was born in Larnaca in 1988 and lives in Xylotymvou. He comes from the occupied Achna and the occupied Vitsada of the Province of Famagusta, birthplaces of his father and mother respectively. He is married and has a son.

He is a graduate of the American Academy in Larnaca and during his military service he served as a Probationary Reserve Officer. I have studied Civil Engineering with honors and I have done a postgraduate course in Construction Project Management in Great Britain with a scholarship. I have also studied welding engineering (IWE-EWE) in Greece.

Today I work as a Technical Director in a private construction company, and I was also a professor at UCLan University teaching welding theory. I am a member of the Institute of Civil Engineering of England (ICE), ETEK and the Hellenic Institute of Welding.