Message from a Famagusta Hospital nurse that shocks: "Poor grandfather that you will be left alone these days…"

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The Chief Nurse of the General Hospital of Famagusta, Haris Ioannou, posted his own shocking message on social media. In his message, he refers to the paradox of the new measures against the coronavirus, which allow travel for commercial purposes but prohibit the reunion of families during the holidays.

See his message as it is:

"In the morning I make an appointment with my friend in a supermarket, we get a stroller and a coffee and walk around shopping κάτι

In the afternoon at an agency I make an appointment with two other friends playing gambling.

On the weekend I book a room in a hotel, where the whole family gathers, brothers and cousins. In the evening we all eat together in the hotel restaurant, six people at each table and everything is fine.
Poor grandfather who will be left alone these days with only one of your children on Sundays, choose which one.
Poor grandmother that you will sleep on the night of the stay at 8, you will wait in vain for your children and grandchildren in the morning…

They will not be able to come to see you; I hope you understand them and do not grieve so much as to ruin your health with depression and a stroke or heart. Some people try to protect you by depriving you of what is most precious to you: the Love and company of your loved ones…

I hope my children and grandchildren see you all together and say goodbye before I go to the other world ίζω I hope I do not die alone or alone without seeing you for the last time…

With Love your grandparents… ”

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