Nicolettos, Koutsoftas, Lilis, Michael and Kaunas (PICTURE)

With a handshake they gave the signal for the start of close cooperation for the Municipality of Paralimni - Deryneia

IMG 9192 exclusive, Municipality of Paralimni - Deryneia

With a common handshake, the newly elected local officials of the Municipality of Paralimni - Deryneia gave the signal for the start of their close cooperation.

Specifically, in a photo posted on social media by the new mayor of Paralimni - Deryneia Giorgos Nicolettos, the new mayor and the vice-mayors of Paralimni, Deryneia, Frenarous and Acheritos showed that their cooperation will be very close for the good of the newly established Municipality.

In his post, Giorgos Nicolettos wrote:

"At the meeting with the elected Deputy Mayors of the Municipal Apartments of our Municipality, Kleanthi Koutsofta, Nikos Lili, Kostas Michael and Michalis Kauna, it was confirmed what the picture shows, that the cooperation of the Mayor and the Deputy Mayors will be continuous, honest and will aim only for the good of each apartment separately and for the good of the Municipality as a whole. Our citizens, for us, are above petty political differences. In union there is power."