Nikos Symeou: Answers to 7 + 1 questions about his candidacy (INTERVIEW)

Aristindin DISY MP Candidate in Famagusta, gives his own answers in view of parliamentary elections - His message to the world

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He gave an interview to Famagusta.News Aristindin DISY MP Candidate in Famagusta, Nikos Symeou.

Through 8 questions, he gives his own answers about his candidacy, his views and his message to the world.

Read in detail:

Why did you decide to run in the upcoming Parliamentary Elections?

My need to take a position on important issues concerning the good of my place and province led me to the choice to run as an excellent candidate in the upcoming parliamentary elections for the Province of Famagusta after the honorary invitation of the President of DISY Mr. Averof Neophytos. I decided to enter this electoral contest in which I will use all my strength to justify all those who believed in me. One of the reasons that also pushed me to this decision, was the discrediting of politics, especially by young people. Some things must finally change and if we do not act together this will not happen. Our young people need to be motivated to get off the couch and take the future into their own hands, take an interest in the commons and fight for their dreams. And to achieve this they need us next to them. It is time to listen to their voice, to listen to their concerns and through our proposals to give substantial solutions and not just empty promises.


What do you think are the most important issues that should concern the new composition of the House of Representatives?

The issues that should concern the new Parliament, must first of all focus on the Man and his quality of life. Our society needs to change the way we think and act in many areas, but this will only be achieved through effective actions and good practices. Therefore, the burning issue of Cyprus and Famagusta, the modernization of our education system and the Public Service system, the promotion of green growth, social prosperity, economic recovery, the support of vulnerable groups and the elderly, the provision of equal and decent opportunities for young people, the development of cities and the promotion of their cultural image, the development of tourism, green development, business and livestock support, the empowerment and support of young entrepreneurship in the implementation and promotion of research and innovation , the renewal and transparency of the political scene, are some of the issues that the Parliament must work hard and take a position.


Turkey has recently hardened its stance on the Cyprus settlement negotiations. This in combination with the provocative actions of the pseudo-state and Ankara for the settlement of the enclosed Famagusta, show on the one hand a blatant violation of international law and on the other hand intensify their provocative and rigid stance. What is your position?

The sad things that have happened in Famagusta, was one of the reasons that leads me to fight to be elected to the new Parliament. Certainly the Cyprus issue will not be resolved by the deputies, however every Cypriot citizen must have an opinion. The talks must continue with an open mind, based on Security Council Resolutions 550 and 789, which clearly address the issue of Famagusta and its immediate return to its rightful owners. Negotiations should continue on the basis of the convergences that have been reached until we reach a positive conclusion. The President of the Republic has the right to seek a solution that is functional but can also stand the next day and become viable and endure over time. That must be our goal and let us stay united next to the President of the Republic for the best possible result. One and only goal, the unity on the inner front in order to achieve the best possible result. Regardless of party origin, the people of Famagusta have an unquenchable desire to return and there is no room for controversy.


The province of Famagusta has been hit hard, especially recently by the crisis caused by the pandemic. The tourism and agricultural sectors have suffered incalculable damage with social consequences also being evident. What should be the task of the new parliament in support of free Famagusta?

The Province of Famagusta is facing a lot of problems that need to be solved immediately and that is why I am ready to fight for them to be solved. The pandemic caused chain problems to my fellow citizens, as well as to all Cypriots, especially in terms of professional activity. Tourist arrivals in recent months have been minimal, which has taken a huge toll. And a blow to tourism is having a detrimental effect on other productive sectors, such as agriculture and the construction industry. Businesses have been affected and being one of those professionally affected by the pandemic, I know first hand the needs that have been created for my fellow citizens. As a state we are obliged to seek and implement mechanisms that will offer rejuvenation on the island. Through the development of appropriate actions and strategic plans, Famagusta will be able to strengthen its tourism image and strengthen the sectors of agriculture and construction.


By what criteria would you like the voters to elect the 56 deputies?

At the moment, Cyprus needs a stable political system with the active involvement and support of the citizens who demand its immediate renewal, and in order to achieve this, prudence and unity are needed. The redefinition of our principles and values ​​as a society, provides us with the supplies for recovery through the selection of appropriate representatives. Capable people with knowledge, principles and values ​​that will be guided by the interest of the people and will represent us for a better future. Parliament is the voice of the Cypriot citizen and the responsibility of those in politics towards the people who honor them with a vote of confidence is enormous. The consistency, the hard work and the honest representation of all these people I hope will lead Cyprus to a better tomorrow. The political life of the place has the responsibility, after being voted by the people, to lead Cyprus forward. Consistency, constant presence, capacity in terms of claiming and credibility undoubtedly play a huge role and the real work must start from the election and then as a thank you to the Cypriot citizen who trusts us.


All candidates and parties refer to the change. What does change mean to you?

In the reality we are experiencing today, change means the struggle to mark a new and strong era for Cyprus. Our struggle lies in the reorganization of state mechanisms and in the effort for the re-establishment and development of our state. Struggle for the transformation of Cyprus into a model state of law, a model of a free democratic state, into a modern, secure, prosperous European country. I can say that the path I have followed so far through my many years of experience in journalism has provided me with experiences and knowledge about the serious problems facing our country so that I can meet the challenges. Through my suggestions and suggestions I hope that I will be able to bring something new and different.


What will be your first concern in the event of your election?

It takes a tough fight to bring about change as we said and to regain the trust of the people, but my goal is to gain that trust. I am not a politician, I am a citizen like all of us who feels the need to fight for the commons. I will work hard, away from populism and supposed promises for a better society. As an Aristide Candidate Member of Parliament with the Democratic Alarm for the Province of Famagusta, I am convinced that the struggle must aim at the collective charting of a new strong era for Famagusta and our Cyprus. Any action must be taken to create equality, free from corruption, entanglement and illegality. That will be my goal.


What is your message to the voters?

I urge the citizens and in particular our young people to strengthen their voice and demand what rightfully belongs to them, by going to the polls on Sunday. I place myself at the disposal of civil society, so that it gives me the opportunity to fight together, cleanly and humanely, through an institutional framework. Personally, what interests me is the Man and I will fight for him. I enter this battle because I love my homeland and I want to serve, above all, Man, away from any interests or expediencies. My personal opinion is that the one who will succeed with the program and the new positions and ideas that he will propose to succeed in this process, is the one who will have the first say.

40731F82 5CD4 4072 9581 DA60CB668A9A Articles of Parliament, Parliamentary Elections 2021, NIKOS SYMEOU

Curriculum vitae:

I was born in 1979 in Ayia Napa in the province of Famagusta, where I live with my wife and daughter.

After graduating from Paralimni High School, I enlisted and completed my term in the National Guard. I studied Communication and Public Relations in Athens.

I worked for two decades as a journalist and news presenter at MEGA. I gained a complete picture of the problems that plague society and through my work I tried not only to promote them, but also to provide solutions to them.

Since 2005, I have been acting Director of the Financial Department of the supermarket chain in the Province of Famagusta and I know first hand the serious problems caused by the pandemic to employees and entrepreneurs.

My father, who was also the first owner of a bookstore in Ayia Napa, helped shape my way of thinking, and I learned from my mother that in life you have to fight and take the risk where you think it's worth it.

I place myself at the disposal of civil society, so that it gives me the opportunity to fight together, cleanly and humanely, through an institutional framework.

In the daily life we ​​experience today, our own struggle must aim at the collective charting of a new strong era for Famagusta and our Cyprus. Our actions must aim to create equal opportunities and rights in all areas. The renewal of political life is imperative as never before in this period, giving the opportunity to young people to put their own stone in the effort to move to a more hopeful tomorrow, for us and our children.