Famagusta Hospital: 24-hour psychological support to patients with coronavirus

Dr. Amalia Hatzigianni: "People need to realize that the coronavirus is not just about the elderly, it does not stand out if we have underlying diseases or free personal memory, no one is invulnerable"

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24-hour psychological support is provided to patients with coronavirus who are treated at the Referral Hospital, both by psychologists and by the medical and nursing staff, said Amalia Hatzigianni, Scientific Director of the Larnaca-Famagusta Hospitals to KYPE.

He added that "today the General Hospital of Famagusta, which operates as a Reference Hospital, treats 62 patients with coronavirus, while six people are accommodated in the Intensive Care Unit, which is currently overcrowded. The general condition of some of the patients is serious, while the condition of eight people is critical, since they show symptoms of severe pneumonia, ie shortness of breath, fever and cough ".

Regarding the discharges given to patients who are being treated and leave the Hospital for their home, he said that "every day 5-6 discharges are given per day, but this number is not constant. However, the number of patients admitted, which is around 7-8 per day, depending of course on the number of cases in the Community, is much higher than the number of people leaving. "

He also noted that "there are several patients who are confined to their home and are asymptomatic and in case they show severe symptoms, then they contact us and admissions are made."

Noting that the Intensive Care Unit has been overcrowded for several days now, since all six beds are occupied, Ms. Hatzigianni said that "indeed last week the MAF is 100% complete. "Patients who are treated in the MAF and feel better are transferred to other Departments of the Hospital, while people whose condition is deteriorating are admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Nicosia Hospital."

Answering a relevant question, Ms. Hatzigianni said that "the patients in the hospital feel lonely, since no loved one can visit them and they can not see the people in the adjacent beds. "Patients are anxious and have a great need to see their family and that is why doctors and nurses are always by their side."

Asked about the psychological support of patients with coronavirus, he replied that there is 24-hour psychological support and in case a person "bends" and can not stand, then immediate help is provided. In addition to the special support given to patients by psychologists, daily support is given to people who are treated and by the medical and nursing staff ".

Asked to report the average number of patients admitted to the Referral Hospital, she said that at the moment the term has risen to 71 years because the elderly are being treated recently in Nursing Homes, who are elderly. "Besides, the youngest person who is currently being treated at the hospital is 40 years old," he said, noting that "the youngest person who was treated was 15 years old."

However, he noted that "throughout the eight months, from the day the coronavirus pandemic began, other young people aged 18 and 25 were hospitalized without any other underlying diseases. This should raise awareness around the world and make us realize that coronavirus is not just for the elderly, it does not stand out if we have underlying diseases or free personal memory, no one is invulnerable, we are all vulnerable and we all need to take individual hygiene and protection measures. and to faithfully follow the Decrees of the Ministry of Health ".

In another question, Ms. Hatzigianni replied that "at the Famagusta Hospital, the Departments of First Aid and Hemodialysis, the Outpatient Clinics, the Maternity Hospital and the Health Center operate normally. The reason that the operation of the specific Departments continues is not to endanger the life of any person of the free province of Famagusta, since the entrance for the Hospital is separate and these persons do not come in contact with patients with coronavirus and with the medical and nursing staff. dealing with them ".

At the same time he called on the people "not to be afraid to come to the hospital because" as he explained "the entrance from which the coronavirus cases enter the hospital is separate, while the medical and nursing staff is independent of those working in the so-called" clean zones " .

Source: KYPE