Famagusta Hospital: Returns to normal from June 1 - All information (BINTEO)

The patients with coronary artery disease will be on an independent floor and the rest of the building will be released to treat the other patients as well.

Snapshot 2020 11 09 10.38.27 exclusive, Amalia Hatzigianni, Famagusta General Hospital, Referral Hospital

The news for the residents of the Province of Famagusta regarding the Famagusta General Hospital and its operation is pleasant.

In her statements, the scientific director of the Famagusta hospital, Amalia Hatzigianni, stated that from the first of June, ie next Tuesday, the plan to restart the normal operation of the hospital is expected to come into force, as patients with coronavirus will be on the independent floor. building will be released to treat the remaining patients.

Regarding the completion works of the 2 additional floors that the hospital will expand by 54 beds, he stated that they are proceeding at a fast pace. The first phase is expected to be completed on June 8, while the electromechanical works are expected to be completed on June 22.

As he mentioned, this project relieves the citizens of the province of Famagusta who have been deprived of the services of the hospital for 14 months, and the hospital will be able to operate normally while at the same time being a reference hospital serving patients positive for coronary artery.

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