Michalis Giakoumis answers five questions (Interview)

A young man with fresh ideas, a down-to-earth vision and a rich biography answers five questions of Famagusta.News on the occasion of the May 30 Parliamentary Elections

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Michalis Giakoumi is running as a candidate with the Democratic Party in the province of Famagusta for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections on Sunday, May 30th. He is a young man, with fresh ideas and a down-to-earth vision, but also with great experience in parliamentary events, in the business sector as well as in energy.

Read the interview he gave to Famagusta.News

How did you make the decision to get involved in politics?

From my student years I was actively involved in the commons, I was a member of the student movement and then of the youth movement. For the last five years I have been a municipal councilor in Larnaca. I was elected in 2016 with the most votes. I am a founding member of the Democratic Party and a member of the Executive Committee of DIPA - Cooperation of Democratic Forces. I accepted with pleasure and honor the proposal to run as a candidate in Famagusta, where my family comes from.

What are your studies and what is your experience in the business sector

I studied economics and European politics at SURREY University in the United Kingdom and obtained a second postgraduate degree in business administration. I started his professional career as an associate of MP George Prokopiou and then worked in the oil and gas sector, on behalf of the companies HALLIBURTON and ENI. I have also worked at the International Organization OPITO with the field of action the Safety and Health of workers on offshore gas platforms. Then I was an Adviser to the ministers George Lakkotrypis and Vasiliki Anastasiadou. In 2019, I took up the position of Advisor to the President of the Republic and the Deputy Minister in addition to the President, in the Office of the Presidential Commissioner, where he still serves today. With the announcement of my candidacy I got unpaid leave for reasons of political ethics. I am also the Founder and Chairman of the Board of MediaRealtors, a company that deals with XNUMXD technology.

Is the issue of gas justifiably preoccupied with our foreign policy and the course of the negotiations?

Certainly. The discovery of hydrocarbons in the Cypriot EEZ has created new data and certainly upgrades the geostrategic role of Cyprus. In recent years, catalytic changes have taken place in the map of the eastern Mediterranean and of course this development also affects the Cyprus issue. Turkey has a serious incentive to take part in the proceedings for the next day in an area of ​​special interest to itself and its interests.

What worries you most in today's political scene?

There is no doubt that politics is going through a serious crisis. A series of events have shaken the citizen's relationship with politicians and, more broadly, with institutions. This development is particularly negative because it frustrates citizens and alienates them from the processes that concern them. In particular, the new generation turns its back on politics, which seems unable to provide solutions to everyday problems but also to issues that torment young people, such as professional and family security, family creation. It is no exaggeration that today young people are suffocating, they want space and time to realize their dreams, professionally and personally, to be able to walk in a safe environment. It is unfair because the new generation, of 800 euros can not be kept in Cyprus and this is something that should concern us.

What would be your priorities in Parliament?

I will try to contribute to the change of mentality and image of the Parliament, to put my own little stone in the effort to restore the trust of the citizens towards the politicians. The country is facing many challenges. High on my priorities are citizens of all ages and professions. I will work especially for young people to have the opportunities they deserve, for family and professional housing. They should also be able to work so that they do not have to emigrate. I will work in parallel for the elderly, as well as our farmers, our farmers, the people of the land, the workers.

Who is Michalis Giakoumis?

Michalis Giakoumi is a third generation refugee. He was born in Larnaca in 1986. He is the son of Iakovos Giakoumis (Hellenic Bank) and Andris Giakoumis (Cyprus Airways). Grandson of Michalis Giakoumis from Gypsum (Contractor) and Panikkos Ioannou Avgoritis from Avgorou (Shoe Trader - Real Estate Agent).

He is married to lawyer Silia Kourouzidou. He graduated from the American Academy in Larnaca. He served in the National Guard as a Non-Commissioned Officer.

He holds a degree in Economics from the University of SURREY in the United Kingdom, a Master's Degree in European Politics from the University of SURREY in the United Kingdom and a second MBA in Business Administration from CIM, where he received a scholarship.

He started his professional career from the House of Representatives, as a Parliamentary Associate of the Member of Parliament for Larnaca, Mr. George Prokopiou. He was an Adviser to the Minister of Energy, Mr. George Lakkotrypis. He worked in the oil and gas sector, was trained in the Netherlands by the international oil company HALLIBURTON and then worked on the SAIPEM 10000 platform of ENI, during the second natural gas extraction at the offshore plot "Onakagoras" in Kyrgyzstan. He then worked at the International Organization OPITO as an Audit Officer, based in Cyprus and responsible for Europe and Africa. (Area of ​​action - Safety and Health of workers on offshore Gas platforms).

With the shrinking of the Oil and Natural gas sector in the region, he worked as an Advisor to the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, Mrs. Vasiliki Anastasiadou, with a field of action in Public Transport in the Republic of Cyprus.

With the reshuffle of the Government in December 2019, he assumed upgraded duties in the Presidency of the Republic as Advisor to the President Nikos Anastasiadis and the Deputy Minister despite the President in the Office of the Presidency Commissioner where he serves to this day. With the announcement of his candidacy in the parliamentary elections, he terminated his service in the Presidency, for reasons of ethics and political ethics.

He is also the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of MediaRealtors Ltd, which specializes in XNUMXD Technology for the production of XNUMXD spaces / indoor and outdoor models).

He served the student movement, first as Vice President of the United Renaissance Student Group and then as President of the National Student Union of Cyprus (EFEK) of the United Kingdom.

He was President and Vice President of NEDIK Larnaca, Secretary of Finance and then Secretary of International Relations of the Cyprus Youth Council, Founding member of the Sports / Cultural Association "Petraki Kyprianou", President of the JCI Chamber of Youth of Larnaca, Larnaca, International Relations of DIKO, Member of the District Committee of DIKO Larnaca, President of the Youth of the Democratic Party (NEDIK), Member of the Executive Office of DIKO, Member of the Central Committee of DIKO, Chairman of the Municipal Group of DIKO in the Municipality of Cyprus of the Alumni Committee of the Larnaca American Academy, Member of the Board of the Larnaca American Academy.

Today he is a Municipal Councilor of Larnaca since 2016. He was ranked first in preference crosses on the DIKO ballot, Deputy Chairman of the Larnaca Town Planning Committee, Deputy Chairman of the Larnaca Municipality Business Development Committee, Member of 10 other Larnaca Municipal Committees, Larnaca Municipality , Founding member of the Democratic Party, Member of the Coordinating and Executive Committee of DIPA - Cooperation of Democratic Forces.

Find out more on his website, michalisyiacoumi.com