The impressive Christmas creations of Choco King contribute to the KEPA foundation

Buy the original chocolate creations from Choco King and at the same time offer to KEPA Agios Christoforos


Choco King created this year the most extravagant Christmas chocolate creations with a message of love, help and humanity.

Through each purchase from the new series with products "Christmas Extravaganza Collection", Choco King contributes to the KEPA "Agios Christoforos" foundation, to the families who need our support, to ensure the necessary basic necessities, as well as the social grocery store "Basket of Love".


Wanting to pass the message "Nothing Can Stop Christmas", this new series contains Christmas creations, made 100% from the genuine - and unique Cypriot - chocolate of Choco King as well as from naturally colored cocoa butter.


Impressive and delicious products are available through the official social network pages of Choco King, with shipments nationwide.