All together for Kyriakos Spau from Liopetri – The official accounts to help

Ten-year-old Kyriakos Spau from Liopetri is fighting a tough battle with cancer for the second time - The accounts opened and how to help

photo 24 exclusive, Kyriakos Spaou

The ten-year-old is fighting his own, tougher battle with cancer for the second time Kyriakos Spau by Liopetri and he needs the help of all of us.

Ο Kyriakos Spau was diagnosed in December 2020, aged just nine, with a very aggressive brain tumour. After a great Golgotha ​​that he was called to climb at such a tender age, both he and his family, managed within a year to come out victorious, ringing the bell of the Pediatric Oncology, to mark the end of his ordeal.

Our little Kyriakos with the big heart, would leave behind the martyrdom he lived in hospitals in Cyprus and Germany and would regain his childhood by returning to school, to his friends and to everything that for a whole year cancer deprived him. But he never forgot that there are still other people of his who are still fighting hard battles and his beautiful soul wanted to hug them all to ease their pain.

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The new "blow" of cancer

Just one year after our little Kyriakos got his life back, cancer knocked on his door again. Kyriakos, along with his parents, will have to move back to Germany to begin specialized treatments again, leaving behind his little sister, his friends, his cousins ​​and the rest of his family. In this struggle, Kyriakos should not be alone, but all of us should embrace him as our own child, pray for him and let each of us contribute what we can to facilitate the family's transition to Germany. Our Kyriakos will win again!

How to help

Let each of us contribute what we can for our little angel, who is facing cancer for the 2nd time.

  • Bank of Cyprus
  • Account Name: Eleni Samara (mother of Kyriakos)
  • Account Number: 357019072571
  • IBAN CY59002001950000357019072571