Ustel: We will also open the rest of Varosi

A part of Varosi is closed, we will also open it in the new period, said the "prime minister", Unal Ustel

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A part of Varosio is closed, we will open it in the new term, said the "prime minister", Unal Ustel, at an event promoting his party's candidate for the "mayor" of Famagusta in Sunday's "local elections".

As "Guines" headlines, the final "pre-election" gathering of the candidate Erdal Ozcenk took place last night at the "Rauf Denktash cultural center" in occupied Famagusta, in the presence of the president of the KEE and "prime minister", the heads of the other two "co-governors" » of parties and others.

Speaking first, the head of the KEE and "MP" of Famagusta, Oguzhan Xzasipoglou said that they want to open the rest of the areas in Varosi and their intention in this matter is clear. On December 26, he added, they will put an end to RTK's dreams.

Taking the floor afterwards, Mr. Ustel and referring to Varosi, said that there are areas that have not been opened. "In the new period we will open them as well. Because we said that, there was no criticism left unheard. There were no words left unsaid. But we are determined to make the tdvk continue to live and that's why whoever wants to say what they want, we don't take it into account".

We draw strength from you, we are one, concluded Unal Ustel.

Source: KYPE