Beaches, pigs, noise pollution, laughter gas and alcohol on the targets of the Ministry of Tourism (VIDEO)

The 3rd Annual Dance Festival of PASYXE Famagusta took place

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Categorization of beaches, stricter controls on fines for rental vehicles such as pigs, criminalization of the sale of laughter gas and ban on alcohol consumption in public places, as well as the enactment of legislation for the 2020-2030 season. Savva Perdio.

During his greeting at the 3rd PASYXE Famagusta Dance Festival held on Friday, October 25, at the Grecian Bay Hotel in Ayia Napa, the Deputy Minister of Tourism referred to the most important goals on the agenda of the Ministry of Tourism.

Watch the video with the statements of the President of PASYXE Famagusta Doros Takkas and the Deputy Minister of Tourism Savva Perdiou

Branding and On-Line Reputation Management

According to Savvas Perdios, the goals of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are, among other things, the new identity of the country, the so-called branding, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will launch next March for the first time in Germany. Important, he also said, is the implementation of the regulatory framework, which is expected to proceed as soon as the audit by the Legal Service is completed.

He also stressed the importance of the purchase of the new electronic platform which will contribute to the evaluation of the quality of services and the quality of services in Cyprus at the regional level, the so-called "On-Line Reputation Management". These changes, according to the Deputy Minister of Tourism, are expected to enrich the tourism product.

Beaches, pigs, laughter gas, alcohol, noise pollution

Savvas Perdios also pointed out the contribution of the Mayor of Ayia Napa to the various issues that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is called upon to address.

Regarding the beaches, he stressed that the time has come for them to be categorized, since there are tourists who want a different product from that of the noisy beaches. He also said that the day had come for a ban on alcohol in public places, a solution to the problem of noise pollution that negatively affects the area, the criminalization of the sale of laughter gas, which, according to him, should be considered a drug. the pigs are rented using a credit card so that the offenders can be charged (by issuing fines). He also stressed the importance of creating a Tourist Police, a development which he considered necessary after the creation of the Animal Police.

He also said that Famagusta will continue to have the full support of the Government and especially the Deputy Minister of Tourism and that he will continue to work hard for tourism.

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