PARALIMNI: The new Mayor reacts to a structure in Pernera

Giorgos Nicolettos: "We are forced to react strongly"

Screenshot 11 6 exclusive, Giorgos Nicolettos, Pernera

The new Mayor of Paralimni Giorgos Nicolettos reacts to the issue of moving asylum seekers to the Pernera tourist area by the Government.

This announcement:

It has come to our attention that the competent services intend to relocate a number of asylum seekers to a hotel unit located in a tourist area within the boundaries of our Municipality.

We are forced to reject without question such potential action and react strongly.

There are alternative relocation solutions for our fellow human beings, whom the Republic of Cyprus hosts and offers protection.

The hotel units of our Municipality must be left to support the tourism industry, in a particularly critical period for tourism in particular and for the economy in general