PARALIMNI: A citizen identified wanted persons – They stole a credit card and went shopping

Handcuffs on three wanted persons - They shopped with stolen credit cards in Ayia Napa and Paralimni

photo 27 exclusive, Police
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With the help of a citizen, who noticed them and informed the Police, three persons, who were wanted by the Police in the context of investigating a case of theft and fraudulent use of a stolen bank card for various payments, were located and then arrested by members of the Police, in the province of Famagusta . The case is being investigated by the TAE of Famagusta.

Photographs of the three wanted suspects, two men and one woman, were released by the Police on May 13, 2024, with the aim of gathering information that could help locate them or identify their details, which until then remained unknown.

Yesterday Monday, while the three suspects were walking on foot in an area in Paralimni, they were noticed by a citizen, who, after recognizing them as the three wanted suspects, immediately informed the Police, specifically the TAE of Famagusta. Immediately members of the TAE rushed to the area, where they identified the three suspects, whom they subjected to a check.

From the examinations carried out subsequently by the members of the TAE, the three suspects, men aged 24 and 25 and a woman aged 23, have been identified as the three wanted suspects. Judicial arrest warrants were issued against them, pursuant to which they were arrested and taken into custody, for the purposes of police examinations, with the 25-year-old allegedly having already confessed to the commission of the offenses under investigation, while the other two suspects are said to be making allegations which are being investigated .

According to the information under investigation and a complaint submitted to the Police on May 1, by a 49-year-old man, the previous day, April 30, he received information through the electronic application of a banking institution in which he maintains an account, that his bank card had been used illegally , for transactions in various properties in Ayia Napa and Paralimni. After he checked and found that his bank card was not in his possession, he assumed that he had lost it.

From the examinations carried out by members of the Police, suspicions were raised against the three suspects. After they have been identified and arrested, further publication of their photos is unnecessary.