PARALIMNI: The bequest fund of needy students is in operation

All useful information for those who will apply

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The Holy Diocese of Constantia and Famagusta announces that the bequest fund for needy students of Paralimni will be launched again this year, in which the three Parishes of Paralimni will participate (Metropolitan Church of Agios Georgios, Holy Church of Agios Dimitrios and Holy Church of Agia Varvara).

The income for this fund comes mainly from funeral contributions and other events.

Applications can be obtained from the three parishes of Paralimni or on the website of the Diocese or at the Office of Spiritual and Social Ministry of the Diocese. The applications must be delivered accompanied by all supporting documents by hand to the priests of the parishes or to the Office of Spiritual and Social Ministry.

The deadline is Monday, October 30 2023.

It is particularly emphasized that applicants must have as their main characteristic financial inadequacy.

From the Holy Metropolis of Constantia and Famagusta,
27 September 2023.

Application for Endowment 2023 (click to view)

Certificate of Financial Deficiency Endowment 2023 (click to view)