PARALIMNI: Arrest of a 49-year-old man for illegal possession of drugs

Tried to hide drugs under driver's seat - 49-year-old man arrested

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A 49-year-old foreign resident of Paralimni was arrested in the morning hours today 15/3/23 by members of the Paralimni Police Station for illegal possession of a class A controlled drug.

Specifically, on Wednesday 15/3/23 at 03:00 am members of the Paralimni Police Station during their usual patrol in their area of ​​responsibility for the prevention of burglaries and thefts spotted a car parked in a dark place in a supermarket parking lot with a person sitting in the driver's seat.

The members of the police approached the vehicle and found that a 49-year-old foreign resident of Paralimni was sitting in it.

During the check of his data, the 49-year-old was behaving strangely and tried to hide something under the driver's seat. In a search that followed after his written consent, a glasses case was found under the driver's seat, in which there was a nylon bag with a white crystalline substance-methamphetamine weighing 0.2 grams and a glass smoking syringe with traces of crystalline substance.

The 49-year-old was arrested for the self-inflicted offense of unlawful possession of a Class A controlled drug and remanded in custody.

In this regard, the YKAN of Famagusta was informed for the continuation of the examinations.