First Primary School of Paralimni: Students collected and handed over money for One Dream, One Wish (PHOTO)

Students spread the "laundry of happiness" - Collected and delivered money for One Dream one Wish

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Our school was visited today by the president Giorgos Peninandaex and Mrs. Maro Hatzichristofi of the One Dream One Wish Association to receive the amount collected by our students with their voluntary actions as part of the activist program I Spread Happiness from the Parents Association!

Our children drew on a shirt what happiness means for everyone in the Life Education course with Kakia Oikonomou in charge and spread the laundry of HAPPINESS!

Guests were also Alkis Christou and Christos Pierettis where they informed about their own action for One Dream One Wish by organizing a football match with the veteran footballers of the Greek National Team.

See photos:

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