ENP: "Supplies to stop being like an... elevator"

"We want to finally manage to create supplies to stop being an elevator" said ENP's Communications Officer, Giorgos Papettas

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The Communication Manager of ENP, Giorgos Papettas, gave statements to Super Sport FM 104.0 and the show "Twelve in SPORTS".

His main references:

"We believe that our team is at a high level of readiness. We started our duties very early even though it consisted of many young footballers. There are also players who have been in the team for years and have contributed to bringing the whole together. Easy or difficult, I believe we will achieve the goals we have set and there is a greater demand for the footballers. Many played in European teams and others recently played in the First Division. There is respect in all teams and we have one of the biggest stories in Division A and we will not undermine any other effort," he said.

"Investment movements made their appearance in Category B as well. Some created big budgets and set high goals. We want to finally be able to create supplies to stop being an elevator between Class A and Class B," he added.

For finances and if the team is doing well in this matter: "Nothing will ever be enough. We thank those who helped and are helping again this year in the great effort. Unfortunately, there is a big financial problem. The people who took over are making a lot of effort to find resources so that there is a healthy situation and we can make some moves for the good of the team and we have to be very careful. But we really thank those who supported us this year. If you remember up until the end of June we were discussing whether there would be someone to start the mechanism to make the team work. We are confident that we will achieve our goal"

"The true Unionist fully understands the difficulty and pure people have stood there and there is also this pure projection. We appeal to everyone to at least this year stand by the side of ENP and not leave us alone. We've done our best, but that's it. We have set a target of 500 season tickets and so far we are doing very well. With a positive result in the premiere, the goal will be achieved."

Source: Super Sport FM