The Government brings asylum seekers to Pernera - Angry reaction from businessmen and residents

Catapult letter from the Municipality of Paralimni to President Christodoulidis - Politicians "use" the Pernera issue as they see fit

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A storm of reactions between businessmen of the Pernera tourist area and residents of the area broke out yesterday, when the Municipality of Paralimni revealed that the Government seems to be derailing the movement of dozens of asylum seekers from Ayia Napa, where they were hosted until the end of May, to the Pernera area in Protaras.

Specifically, according to what the information says, last Monday a tourist unit in Ayia Napa which seems to have had a contract with the Government to host asylum seekers from Syria and other African regions, notified the residents that they had to leave, since the contract had end on May 31st. The Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare proceeded with actions to find housing for dozens of families, while according to information, government officials seem to have visited the Elamaris hotel unit in the center of the Pernera area in the Municipality of Paralimni, which has remained closed since the coronavirus period. The specific tourist unit has a capacity of 320 beds, while its non-operation was one of the main factors why the area of ​​Pernera entered a phase of withering mainly during the pandemic period and even to this day.

At its meeting yesterday, the Municipal Council of Paralimni, on the occasion of the information that they wanted the Government to transfer asylum seekers to the area, sent a letter to the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, in which he expresses his strong reaction and dissatisfaction. The letter states the following:

"With this letter and following today's (06.06.2024) meeting of the Municipal Council of Paralimni, I inform you that it has come to our attention that the Government is considering the movement of immigrants from Ayia Napa and other areas of Cyprus to a hotel unit which has been closed in recent years, in the central tourist area of ​​Pernera. The Municipality of Paralimni expresses its strong disagreement with the Government's intention because such structures should not be created in tourist areas. Therefore, we call on you to intervene immediately so that the already suffering businesses of this area are not destroyed."

It is pointed out that despite the fact that this is an extremely humanitarian problem for housing dozens of individuals and families who have arrived on our island in any way asking for better living conditions, on the other hand there are criticisms against the Government for hosting asylum seekers in the midst of tourist areas, at the same time that attempts are being made to upgrade the tourist product and attract more tourists to the hotel units.

There were dozens of critical comments by businessmen and residents of the area against the Government, especially since certain politicians seem to have used the Pernera issue to the fullest. In fact, it is worth noting that while in the past period the Trade Committee of the Parliament convened a series of meetings and on-site meetings about the problems facing the region, blaming the Municipality of Paralimni and the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, in this particular case they seem to be keeping a fishy silence on one issue for which there are a lot of reactions from the people of the region.

It is worth noting that in 2019 the works for the regeneration of Pernera Avenue were completed, a project worth 6,8 million euros.