Golden Coast: Upgraded and expanded

Golden Coast, Hotels

Expansion of the existing facilities of the hotel "Golden Coast" with a total cost of 8 million euros is expected to take place during the period November 2021 to March 2022, according to the study of the effects that may be created by the expansion and additions of both in the “Golden Coast” as well as in the “Artemis” building.

According to the study, the proposed development falls under the Local Plan of Paralimni and is located within the administrative boundaries of the homonymous Municipality. The hotel and the new building are close to the port of Agios Nikolaos and within walking distance of Paralimni Marina.

The completed project will include the building "Golden Coast" which will consist of 7 floors with 238 apartments in total, while the building "Artemis" will consist of 6 floors with 103 apartments in total. The main companies that will undertake the expansion of the hotel facilities are "Golden Coast Ltd" and "Lordos Hotels (Holdings) Public Company Ltd".

The supporting uses / facilities that will be included in the completed project are:

  • Basement and Ground Floor Parking
  • Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Public Green Space
  • Restaurants
  • Tennis Court
  • Bars
  • Open Playground
  • Outdoor Hygiene
  • Underground and ground floor parking
  • Outdoor event space
  • Offices (hotel management)
  • Waiting areas
  • Stores
  • Game and TV rooms
  • Gym
  • Bathrooms and changing rooms
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Spa (with sauna and steam room)
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Small church
  • Food preparation and storage areas (restaurants)
  • Outdoor rest areas with beach / pool beds

Regarding the “Artemis” building, the works that have been planned concern:

  • floor extension 1 - 5
  • addition of 6th floor
  • Addition of a new wing - reforms to existing parking lots - reforms to existing
  • existing tennis courts
  • creation of underground parking
  • landscaping and creation of green space and community equipment

At the same time, in order to serve the energy needs of the proposed project, it is planned to install photovoltaic panels in order to cover 7% of the total energy demand of the development. Also, the installation and use of solar systems for water heating purposes will be implemented.
Finally, it should be noted that during the expansion works the hotel will not be in operation.

Source: Philenews / Insider