Kapparis: Sunbeds and umbrellas burned on the beach (VIDEO)

Umbrellas and beach beds located on a beach in the area of ​​Kapari in Paralimni were destroyed by fire today in the early hours of the morning, which seems to have been maliciously set.

According to the Police, shortly after two o'clock in the morning, a fire broke out in beds and beach umbrellas, owned by the Municipality of Paralimni, on the beach of dogs in the area of ​​Kapari in Paralimni.

Watch the video recorded by Famagusta.News:

The fire, which broke out in four different outbreaks and was extinguished by members of the Famagusta Fire Department, destroyed 20 umbrellas and more than 50 marine beds.

The scene was visited by the deputy director and members of ADE Famagusta, the person in charge and members of TAE Famagusta, the Paralimni Police Station, the OPE Famagusta, the security supervisor.

The value of the umbrellas and sea beds that were destroyed has not yet been calculated.

The scene was cordoned off and guarded by the Police and with the first light of day, investigations will begin by the Police, the Fire Service and the Electromechanical Service.

The case is being examined by the Famagusta Police Department.

See the photos of Famagusta.News

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