Famagusta Carnival Parade in Paralimni: Everything you need to know

Useful information for participants and the public - Which roads are affected

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The Municipality of Paralimni informs the public that on Sunday, March 17, 2024, during the Famagusta Carnival Parade organized in Paralimni, part of the road network below will be affected:

From 10:00 am Agios Georgios Street will be closed. Then from 11:00 A.M. whole streets or parts of the streets will be gradually closed: Agios Georgios (Kipourikos bypass), Efessou, Protaras avenue (from the height to the EKO gas station) and Griva Digeni as well as the lanes on the specific streets. The intersection (traffic lights) at the junction with Dimitras - Kostaki Artymata Street will also remain closed.

The above streets will gradually open after the end of the parade and after the completion of the cleaning work by the crews of the Municipality of Paralimni.


The parking lots of the 2nd Primary School and the parking lot behind the Heroes' Monument in Agios Georgios Square will also be closed.


From the early morning hours of March 17, 2024 until the end of the Carnival Parade, the public is asked not to park along Agios Georgios streets, Protaras and Griva Digeni avenues, as well as in the parking lot of the Second Primary School where the gathering of groups and floats that will participate in the parade.


Regarding the participants in the parade, they are informed that the carnival floats must be parked at the Second Primary School no later than 11:00 in the morning in a place that will be indicated to them by the staff of the Municipality of Paralimni. People who will participate in the parade should be at the assembly area no later than 12:30 noon. Cars will not be allowed to enter the parking lot of the 12nd Primary School, while after 30:XNUMX noon, cars carrying participants will not be allowed to approach the assembly area.

The public is invited to follow the instructions of the Police and the staff of the Municipality of Paralimni.


The Municipality of Paralimni informs that all municipal parking spaces will be provided for free parking for the public.


In the area of ​​the carnival parade, the public should know that along the road there will be First Aid crews from the Civil Defense of Famagusta as well as an ambulance on the side of Agios Georgiou Street (Kipourikos). In case of need, the public can inform the staff of the Municipality of Paralimni, the nurses or the Civil Defense volunteers.


The public is informed that the Carnival Parade will be broadcast live by the Sigma television station. There will also be photographers on site to videotape and photograph the event for media and social media promotion and exposure purposes.