KEPA: Increased needs of our fellow human beings - Call for help

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Winter is a very difficult time for the province of Famagusta as many people who work in the tourism industry do not work and expect their unemployment.

The needs of the people are many and the phone of KEPA does not stop. People are constantly contacting the Offer and Love Center to ask for even the basics. Baby food, baby clothes, food, some meat, a chicken, other family heads on the electricity bill are asking for a little help.

The needs do not end.

Things are very difficult for many of our fellow human beings.

Anyone who wishes can help the charity can do so with a contribution to the following KEPA accounts:

BANK OF CYPRUS: 0444-01-016055

IBAN: CY 70 0020 0444 0000 0001 0160 5500


HELLENIC BANK: 471-01-G 45975-03

IBAN: CY 34 0050 0471 0004 7101 G459 7503


PAYPAL: [email protected]

Quickpay: 99684150

Monday, January 24, 2022.

A short video from the Social Grocery of KEPA "Basket of Love" as they prepare food for needy families. In addition to food, KEPA offers clothing, footwear and clothing.

Song: "Meeting"

Composer: Theodoulos Papageorgiou

Lyricist: George Kyprianou

Interpretation and Santouri: Elena Papageorgiou

Performance and Lute: Kyriakos Markoullis

Violin: Pavlina Andronikou

Taboutsia: Giannis Laoutaris