Konstantinos Konstantinou: "Voice was a life experience" - INTERVIEW

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Music entered his life at a very young age and continues to be an integral part of his daily life. Today he is a member of Laikons band where he is given the opportunity to deal with his great love, music.

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How did you decide to participate in the show?
Lately, the truth is that I thought it would be nice to participate in such a show, I just never decided to participate as Constantine.

So one night, just before I go to sleep, my friend and best man George calls me and announces that he has just sent me my participation in "The Voice". At that time I froze and told him that there was no way I could participate. But after a few weeks they called me and told me to attend the first audition to be held in Nicosia and I said that even that is an unprecedented experience for me and I have nothing to lose.

So after that came the second audition and then the last phase which was the Blinds, where the "miracle" took place.

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What is it like to participate in such a big show?
It is a great experience to participate in such a show, whether it has to do with singing, dancing or anything else in the field of art. Suddenly you are in the realm of celebrity, in a space that has to do with television and that one does not have the opportunity to experience so easily. You also experience up close the whole process that takes place to show an episode and believe me things are not as easy as they seem!

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Do you think that the show can offer development to an artist?
I believe that such a big show can offer an artist development as a point though. Many artists and winners of such games did not advance and did not make a career. The development of each artist is in his hands and he decides the path to follow. This game, due to its projection, pushes you further, giving you the impetus to do what you want.

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Based on your own experience, would you suggest to other children to participate in "The Voice"?
After this great experience I had in the game I would suggest other children to participate, especially those who have been in this field of music and song for several years, because it is a great motivation to go further in terms of their careers. Apart from that, the most important thing for me is that they have a lot to learn from remarkable people who are in this field and to hear both positive and negative comments that will play an important role in their improvement.

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Would you try to compete again in the next "The Voice"?
This is a question I hear very often. Many friends and acquaintances urge me to take part in such a game again. Right now I'm not thinking about it to be honest but… never say never.

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Together with his brother Antonis, also a member of the band Laikons

What are your plans for the future when it comes to singing?
Certainly I, like almost all of us, always have some future plans in mind, I'm just the guy who likes to live the now and whatever good he wants let it come his way. Speaking of song, though, what I would like to do at some point in the future is go to a studio and record a song of my own.

How did you feel when you suddenly saw your name playing on the internet and on TV in Cyprus and Greece?
Well I don't discuss it, it will be unforgettable for me. For the first time I had contact with cameras and generally with the TV as well as for the first time I had seen in the media that my name was marketed. I received a lot of support and love and I really thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.

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That Wednesday, when the episode that passed the Blinds phase was shown, I was in Athens for the shooting of Battles. My cell phone did not stop ringing and messages were coming. My choice at that time, right or wrong, was to turn off my cell phone and have fun with my friends and teammates. The next day I answered almost everyone! To those I failed to answer, I apologize and thank them!

What did you get from your participation in "The Voice"?
From the game I only got positive data. Within a short time I was able to learn very substantial and important things. I collaborated with notable artists and made many acquaintances.