Paralimni High School: Students with banners and slogans (IMAGES)

Screenshot 2019 11 27 21.57.52 Paralimni High School, Students

With banners hung outside the Lyceum of Paralimni, students seem to declare their participation in the new measures announced by PSEM for the four months.

As shown in the pictures, banners are on the school fence with the slogans: "The students are not silent", "Now we will become what we expect" and "14 consecutive days, 16 competitions - NO exam center school".

It is not yet known if the banners were hung by students but also if a specific decision has been taken by the Central Student Council of the School.

IMG 1117 Paralimni High School, Students IMG 1116 Paralimni High School, Students

New combat announcement for the four months

PSEM, with its new announcement today, invites all students to go out, during tomorrow's announced 4-hour abstention from their classes, as a measure of reaction to the implementation of the exams every four months.

"Intimidation, terrorism and threats. This is the response of the Ministry of Education to the reactions of thousands of students to the exams every four months. Will we do them a favor? NO. No students in the classroom. The answer to intimidation and terrorism is mass. Neither a unit in the competition, nor absences can put us if we all go out. 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th period the school yards should be full of students! Do not victimize any of our classmates! One for all and all for one " , states PSEM, in its announcement.