Students of the Paralimni High School made a report with photos about the human intervention on the coasts (PHOTO)

As part of the environmental program "Young Journalists for the Environment", students of Paralimni High School made a photo report on human intervention on the coasts

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As part of the "Young Journalists for the Environment" environmental program, students of Paralimni High School made a photo report on human intervention on the coasts.

The Young Environmental Journalists program is an international network of young people aged 11-21, active in more than 45 countries and coordinated by the non-profit and non-governmental Foundation for Environmental Education, based in Copenhagen (Denmark).

In this program, students develop journalistic research skills by writing articles, creating videos and taking photos, wanting to present problems and propose sustainable solutions concerning the environment that affect their community or Cyprus in general.

The students' work is the same:

On our beaches, the blue of the sky joins the blue of the sea...Or not on all of them?

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The natural wealth of our beaches
Looking for our beaches

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Shrinking of coastlines

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The natural beauties and the beautiful beaches of our place are a pole of attraction for tourists, having as a consequence the intense tourist development, which causes negative effects on the environment and the biodiversity of the area.
Unfortunately, at the altar of tourism development, huge tracts of land have been cemented. The building is very dense and disorderly, as a result of which the view to the sea is hidden, while most buildings are without bioclimatic planning, thus burdening the environment. All of these alter and pollute the environment, while at the same time affecting aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Efforts are being made to limit the consequences with the use of photovoltaic systems, with the energy upgrading of buildings and with the protection of open spaces and ecosystems.

Andriana Markou, G2

Lena Souvari, G7

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