The lowest paid Mayor Sotiras - How much are the Mayors of Famagusta paid?

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The Audit Office published on Thursday the Special Report for the Local Government Authorities, the Sewerage Councils and the Water Supply Councils for the year 2016.

Of great interest, at the same time, are data that have been made public for the Municipalities, such as the salaries of the local mayors and the budgets of the Municipalities.

In the report As stated in the introduction, “η Special Report concerns the financial control, management control and compliance control of Municipalities, Community Councils, Sewerage Councils and Water Supply Councils with the last year of financial control the year ending on 31.12.2016, but also citation of later data and information until the date of control. As a rule, the management of local authorities suffers, is inadequate, and in many cases has led to the initiation of criminal investigations or even the bringing of those responsible to justice. Obviously, there is also a waste of public money, to the detriment of the well-being of citizens. The Audit Office is once again sounding the alarm that the situation in the local government is not sustainable and therefore its restructuring should be a matter of the highest priority for the Government, but also for the House of Representatives. The extremely large volume of this report could reasonably be related to the extremely large number of local authorities, which we consider to be in conflict with the principles of economy, efficiency and effectiveness. "

How much are the Mayors paid?

According to the report, the highest paid Mayors from the free Municipalities are in Limassol, Paphos and Strovolos with a salary that exceeds 70 thousand. The lowest paid Mayor is the Mayor Sotiras Georgios Takkas who receives only € 37.280 per year. The Mayor of Deryneia receives € 54.466, the Mayor of Paralimni € 45.048 and the Mayor of Ayia Napa € 37.965.

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Regular budgets

The budgets of all four Municipalities of Famagusta during 2016 were surplus.

The largest surplus was recorded based on the budget of the Municipality of Ayia Napa with € 2.78m, followed by the Municipality of Paralimni with a surplus of € 2.53m, the Municipality of Sotiras with € 320 thousand and the Municipality of Deryneia with € 95 thousand.

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