Drivers caution: Avenue in Paralimni closes

Closed section of the Avenue in Paralimni due to road works.

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The Office of the District Engineer of Famagusta, Department of Public Works, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, announces that, from Saturday 12/10/2019 from 15:00 noon to Sunday 13/10/2019 at 19:00 in the evening , in Paralimni, part of the 1st of April Avenue from its junction with Stadiou Street to the Roundabout "Anemomylos" will remain closed for traffic due to road works.

During the execution of the works, the traffic will be channeled as follows:

A. From Ayia Napa to Paralimni:

From the roundabout "Anemomylos" there will be diversion of traffic through the road E324 (to Protaras) Agios Panteleimon, Agios Thomas and Stadiou.

B. From Paralimni to Ayia Napa:

At the junction of 1st of April Avenue with Stadiou, the traffic will be diverted through Stadiou, Agiou Thomas, Agios Panteleimonas streets, E324 road, ending at the roundabout "Anemomylos".

The Department of Public Works apologizes for the unavoidable inconvenience that will be caused and calls on the public to demonstrate the necessary understanding and compliance with the temporary road signs and the instructions of the Police.

The public can be informed about the above planned works through the website which is given a cartographic representation of the works and their effects on the traffic during them.

Source: sigmalive