FIRST: The co-driver was driving zigzag on the sunroof

Nea Famagusta


The Court of Appeals characterized the sentence of the fine of 500 euros imposed by the Court of First Instance on a woman who, having her friends in the car, committed dangerous driving behavior. The events of the case took place in the summer of 2014 on Protaras - Cape Greco Avenue in Paralimni.

The car, driven by the convict, was spotted by an MMAD patrol moving zigzagging for a long distance. In fact, the co-driver was seen coming out of the sunroof of the vehicle during the movement.

The patrol turned on the lighthouse of the official vehicle and used the siren. When an attempt was made to check the driver's details, she refused and left the spot. She was later identified and confronted with the consequences of her actions. She was accused of reckless and dangerous driving and of failing to give her details to a police officer. The court of first instance imposed a total fine of € 500.

The convict appealed seeking reversal of the first instance decision. The Court of Appeal, after studying the facts before it, rejected all the grounds of appeal, upholding the conviction. Despite the fact that the sentence did not concern the subject of the appeal, however, the amount of the fine in relation to the behavior of the accused was not left untouched by the Supreme Court.

In this regard, the conclusion of the decision indicates that "under the circumstances, the sentence imposed on the appellant was lenient because every citizen of the Republic is expected not only to behave properly and reasonably in the road, but also to respond to the calls of any police officer. to give his details and identity ".